Unleash Your Potential: How To Choose the Right Company – Advice from Cindy Chu, Engineering Manager at a Silicon Valley Startup

Cindy Chu, engineering manager at Polyvore, recently sat with the editors of Women of Silicon Valley to share her experience in tech. She began working at Polyvore, a site that lets you give and get styling inspiration, four years ago as an engineer and led a variety of teams before becoming a manager full-time. She had previously worked on platforms and mobile search at Yahoo. Below is an excerpt of her interview where she shares how she landed at a company … Read More

From little coding experience to winning Google’s Summer of Code: Hackbright part-time student shares her path into tech

Melissa Fabros is a community site director for UC Berkeley’s BUILD program, a literacy initiative that matches local children with reading mentors. Last year at this time, Melissa didn’t get into Hackbright’s software engineering fellowship, but she was determined to expand her tech skills and decided to enroll in Hackbright’s nightly coding classes available for all women. A year later, she developed a project that got accepted for Google’s Summer of Code! Melissa shares her story below: What is your ultimate goal? … Read More

Hackbright Tech Talk: Debugging in Python by Hackbright Alumna Jessica Mong (Video)

Jessica Mong, current SurveyMonkey software engineer and Summer 2013 Hackbright software engineering fellow, shares valuable insights while diving into the exciting world of debugging in Python! Watch her talk below, and follow along with her slides, to learn more! Part I:   Part II:   About the Speaker: Jessica Egoyibo Mong is a fullstack developer on the Billing team at SurveyMonkey. This is especially interesting because Egoyibo means money and the Billing team is where the money comes through. Jessica … Read More

Info Session for Part-Time Courses! (Video)

Thank you to everyone who joined us at last night's Info Session for Hackbright Academy's New Part-Time Courses. In the video below, you'll get an overview of the part-time program at Hackbright Academy by our awesome instructors along with class descriptions for: Intro to Programming, Front-End Web Development and Full-Stack Web Development. Read More

How To Be A Better Junior Developer (Video)

New developer from a non-CS background? What about someone you mentor? Hackbright alumna and New Relic engineer Katherine Wu shares junior developers focus on building technical knowledge, while “they already have other skills that can help them in their roles immediately! Some of these include helping their team focus on the right tasks and working well with stakeholders like PM and support.” In Katherine’s talk, she discusses non-technical contributions junior developers can make, and how senior developers … Read More

Meet Intro to Programming Course Instructor Rachel Walker! She’s on a Mission to Show That Programming is FUN

Rachel Walker is the instructor of Hackbright Academy’s Intro to Programming course for complete beginners. She was recently featured in The Root’s list of 10 amazing black women changing the face of tech. If there is anyone who can show you that coding is fun, it’s Rachel.  How did you get into software engineering? I was on my AIM account and someone on my buddy list had a really cool profile and I thought, “You can’t outdo me!” I copy … Read More

VIDEO: The Move to Becoming a Software Engineer – Hackbright Graduates Share Their Journey!

With the Summer Software Engineering Fellowship deadline approaching on April 30th (less than two weeks left to apply!), we wanted to show a video of our graduates who took the leap, applied and are now blazing the trail for other women in the industry. Their experiences in their words below: Graduates Featured:  Ava St. John – Alumna and Software Engineer, SurveyMonkey Ava is a former high school teacher turned software engineer who has always had the passion for math and … Read More

Learn To Code At Night: Hackbright’s Part-Time Program Offers Fun Coding Classes For ALL Levels

What better time to improve your coding skills than in the summer?! Hackbright Academy is offering new night programming courses for those that want to expand their coding skills on a flexible schedule. Check out our classes below and pick the one that fits your skill set. Classes begin early May so be sure to enroll  by the April 29th deadline! Intro to Programming – Ease your way into coding. Get a strong foundation for technical terminology and the skill set to build your own … Read More

6 Things Parents Can Do RIGHT NOW To Create Future Innovators & Leaders

Hackbright Academy serves post baccalaureate women learning to code and become software engineers, but what about the girls? Here are some ideas for cultivating programmatic thinking in younger girls: Everyday Childhood Encouragement of Experimentation and STEM Discovery! Here are 6 things you can do right now to help your children become more resilient as future innovators and leaders: Get a magazine subscription to Scientific American, Wired or Sky & Telescope (for future astronomers!). Google new … Read More