Alumnae Network


These women have gone through the same transition as you and truly understand your journey as a student and job seeker entering a new industry for the first time. The power behind being a part of this professional network is something you’ll benefit from throughout your career. The student portal connects all our alums allowing you to reach out to fellow grads at desirable companies, post and search job openings, or simply reconnect with your cohort.

Hackbright is gifting her a family and a network that can help support her through her life within the technology industry. That mentorship and camaraderie are going to help that woman stay in the technology industry. "
Natalie Villalobos
Hackbright’s a wonderful place where you are with a group of people that coming out after 12 weeks are going to spread in many different companies. You now are going to have a wealth of contacts in the best companies in the valley. "
Cheryl Ainoa
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I now have this network of professional women who are already established in their careers that I can reach out to ask questions, ask for advice, or mentorship."
Meghan H
I ultimately chose Hackbright because of the community- it became apparent after poking around on social media, that Hackbright has an incredibly strong community and that would be a huge asset.”
Siena A


Advance Your Professional Development.


Monthly tech talks by industry speakers on topics like open source, new frameworks, and issues pertinent to being an underrepresented person in tech. To provide continuous learning and offerings post-graduation, we are offering monthly alumnae tech talks hosted by Hackbright and/or guest speakers. The tech talk topics range from Learning New Software (ECMA Script 6) to learning about how to Negotiate Your Job Offer.


Whiteboarding is held at least one night per week either at Hackbright Academy or at a local tech company. Graduates work with engineering teams to help further their readiness for technical interviews.


Alumnae Study Sessions are held once a week in the Alumnae Lounge and led by our Education Team. Alumnae can continue practicing problems and developing their technical skills during their career transition with the support of the Education staff and other alumnae.


The Alumnae Partner Mixer is a way for Hackbright grads to continually push their professional development while making new job connections. You’ll mingle, make an impression, and gain some insightful pointers and advice from our hiring partners.


Stay Connected. Continue Growing.


The Weekly Roundup is a newsletter to the alumnae community with information on events like meetups, tech talks, and conferences within the tech community, links to helpful articles and blog posts, and information to help the community stay connected to all things technology.


The Alumnae Portal is a centralized website available for all alumnae who have graduated from Hackbright’s Software Engineering Program. It is their one-stop shop to gain access to continuous career and professional development resources, job opportunities if they are searching for their next career step, information on companies, upcoming events (both in the community and Hackbright hosted), helpful articles, and general announcements. The portal is a place for Hackbright and our alumnae to connect more with the whole alumnae community.

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We offer drop-in office hours in our alumnae lounge for graduates to chat with our Technical Mentor. These office hours are designed to provide alumnae with additional support to discuss and answer questions they may have about topics ranging from project assistance, interview prep, practice white boarding, learning new languages, and more.

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