Bay Area Girl Geek Dinners Scholarship

ay Area Girl Geek Dinners ScholarshipThe Bay Area Girl Geek Dinners Scholarships are intended to provide women with the financial means needed to learn to code on a flexible schedule through Hackbright Academy.

Eligibility: Scholarship applicants will be evaluated based on demonstrated financial need. Apply for a scholarship here.

About Bay Area Girl Geek Dinners: The first Bay Area Girl Geek Dinner was hosted at Google in 2008 with over 400 girl geeks signed up in just 5 days. The next dinner was hosted by Facebook, and soon, a tradition of Silicon Valley tech companies sponsoring Bay Area Girl Geek Dinners began. Sponsoring companies feature their female engineers and executives as speakers and panelists, and invite technical women into their company for dinner, drinks, networking and schwag. To date, over 100 dinners have been hosted. The Bay Area Girl Geek Dinners scholarship fund comes from donations by dinner ticket sales, and goes directly to need-based scholarships at Hackbright Academy.