3 Reasons to Go to a Software Engineering Bootcamp

3 Reasons to Go to a Software Engineering Bootcamp

There are many reasons to go to a software engineering bootcamp, some of which you’ve probably already thought about. Adding skills to your resume. Preparing for a job hunt or promotion. Learning what you need to work at tech companies.

No matter what your reason for attending a coding bootcamp, we hope you check out Hackbright Academy. We can help you learn practical computer science fundamentals quickly.

Already thinking about it? Here are 3 reasons why going to a software engineer bootcamp might be a great idea for your career path.

1. You Want to Learn to Code in an Immersive Program

With the internet, there are a lot of ways you could teach yourself to code—including Hackbright’s own tuition-free Python Basics module. However, there are also numerous distractions and roadblocks. Learning a new programming language is kind of like learning a new spoken language. It takes a lot of work and the rules are usually really different from the rules of your native language. 

Learning how to code in an immersive program at a coding bootcamp can offer you the structure and support you need to help you succeed.

Instead of wondering what to learn next, you can rely on a tried and tested curriculum so you do not have to waste your time figuring out what you need to learn to get career-ready. Technology can get outdated quickly, so it’s best to avoid wasting time on redundant skills.

And if you get stuck, instructors and mentors are available to talk through problems, meaning you can get real feedback on what you’re working on. You can work with them and fellow students to keep on track and moving in the right direction.

Lastly, learning online without any type of live communication can feel lonely. In an immersive program, you are anything but alone. You are part of a community that is progressing through the material and going through this life changing experience with you. This community and support can help you stay focused and motivated.

Just know, that while learning a new programming language can be difficult, Hackbright Academy is here to help with a combination of our community of support, mentors, pair programming activities, and staff support.

2. You Want Help Working in Software Engineering

The job market can be a tricky place, but your job search can be helped with career coaching on top of educational opportunities. At Hackbright Academy, we offer to help in the form of career support. You and other students learn how to stand out and create web applications for your portfolio.

Of course, you will need to learn how to code and develop software, but in the job search, networking and connections can help too. Choosing to further your education in a space that also gives helps provide opportunities to meet people in the industry can be a game changer.

Your dream job could be one connection away, whether it’s a fellow student, alumni, instructor, mentor, or career support advisor, having an “in” at a company, or getting a recommendation from someone within the org who can get your resume in front of a recruiter.

Attending a full-time program at Hackbright can give you access to career support, including advice with resumes, interviewing, salary negotiations, and how to search for a job in the first place. Our team has first-hand experience as hiring managers, and they know what works.

3. You Want to Impress Hiring Managers with Your Skill Set

Putting in hours a week pair programming can help prepare you for technical interviewers, which can give you a confidence boost when meeting with hiring managers. At Hackbright, you’ll learn how to pair program by practicing on team projects. And after completing the Software Engineering program, you’ll know how to show your skills to other professionals in the field.

When learning how to code by yourself, it can be difficult to find another programmer at your skill level to pair program with. In an immersive bootcamp environment, you can pair program with fellow students, mentors, and instructors to improve your collaborative skill set.

You’ll also need a resume and portfolio to showcase your pair programming skills. At Hackbright, students learn by building, and at the end of the program, you can have a polished portfolio with real applications that can help you stand out.

Start Your Coding Career with Hackbright’s Prep Course

Are you interested in learning more at a software engineer bootcamp? Our 5-week Prep course can help you get a sense of what coding is all about and whether or not you want to learn more about software engineering. It’s an exciting time to jump into the world of technology. Learn more about the foundations of coding and the programming language Python.

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