5 Reasons To Enroll in Hackbright’s Night Class

Hackbright Academy’s Intro to Programming night class sounds pretty self-explanatory, but why should you care to learn in our night classes? We provide more than just a “how to” education. As a Hackbright student, you’ll be incorporated into a strong community with amazing instructors who will empower you to grow your skillset and build your confidence. Here are some inspiring (and totally persuasive!) facts and tidbits a beginner wouldn’t expect.

1. Powerful resume builder

No matter what industry or role you are in, you will benefit from being able to think like an engineer. Having a foundational understanding of programming will enable you to communicate better with members of other teams, improving your collaborative skills and ability to understand the technical stuff. You’ll instantly become more valuable as an employee and you’ll have the confidence to tackle bigger and more technical projects. Who doesn’t want to be a stronger, more capable professional?

2. Coding isn’t what you think…

There is a misconception that to be great at programming means you’re a math wizard. As the founder of Railsbridge Sarah Mei put it: “programming is more about language than it is about math.” In Intro to Programming, the only requirement is basic typing skills! You’ll be using lots of logic and communication. Go ahead and smash the stereotype of the lone coder tucked away in the dark, because our classes center around communication. Every day you’ll be paired with a classmate to work on solving problems and creating awesome things together. That collaborative environment has resulted in many of our students becoming friends for life, or even colleagues in the future! Coding isn’t a lone sport at Hackbright; you’ll meet talented, smart women from different industries and build strong connections.

3. Career transition?

Maybe you are ready for a change and want to become a software engineer. What better way to test the waters than an introductory course? The foundation you’ll receive from Intro to Programming will be essential to building your expertise in a coding bootcamp. Even if you aren’t sure that coding is for you, this class is the best opportunity to find out – you’ll still gain valuable skills with no pressure and no strings attached.

4. Our instructors make a difference.

5 reasons to learn to code at hb at night
Hackbright Academy’s instructors are working professionals who also have very cool backgrounds. Learn more about them here! Outside of class, they make sure to be available to you online, whenever you need help. They love to code and are passionate about spreading the joy! They are also dedicated to educating and empowering you so that together we can change the ratio of women in the technology industry.

5. #ChangeTheRatio

This is truly the backbone of Hackbright Academy. We understand the factors that have led to a male-dominated tech workforce, and we are here to catapult change. By providing a strong education, creating a powerful network of smart and dedicated individuals, and transforming the face of programming, we can change things together. Join us to help #changetheratio!

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