5 Ways to Fund Your Bootcamp Experience

Making the decision to attend bootcamp is a monumental one. You’re choosing to invest in yourself, continue your education, and likely change your career. And congrats! If you’ve decided to learn to code, welcome on this challenging and rewarding journey.

Once you’ve made this life-changing decision, there are still questions to be answered and applications to submit. Perhaps one of the most frequent questions we get at Hackbright is: “How can I fund my bootcamp experience?” The good news is there are a multitude of options to help you finance your tuition. But which one is right for you?

Here, we take a look at the five most common financing options for funding your bootcamp experience:

Financing options

Deferred tuition

Deferred tuition is just that: deferred. For most, making the decision to come back to school full-time means that you’re also walking away from your job (and salary). With deferred tuition, there is only a deposit required to enter Hackbright’s Full-Time Software Engineering Program. After the initial deposit, no tuition payments are required until you receive your first job offer, provided you meet deferred tuition program requirements. Once you are hired, your tuition will be spread across multiple payments.

How do I apply and qualify for Deferred Tuition?

We try to keep the process as simple and accessible as possible. Once you submit your application to the Full-Time Program, you are automatically considered for Deferred Tuition as well. Our Admissions Team is always available to answer any questions about the program or its requirements. To qualify for Deferred Tuition, you must:

  • Score a five (5) or higher on the technical assessment
  • Have approximately one year of work experience (this can be part-time or full-time employment)
  • Officially be admitted into Hackbright Academy’s Full-Time Software Engineering Program

When do I find out if I qualify for Deferred Tuition?

At the time you are admitted to the Full-Time Program, you will also be notified whether or not you qualify for deferred tuition. From there, you can review your financing options and make a decision on which option best suits your financial needs.

When do I have to start paying back my tuition?

Your tuition of $16,895 is not due until you receive your first job offer. Once you receive a job offer, you have a 60 day grace period following the offer date before your repayment plan kicks in.

Phenomenal Woman Scholarship

Hackbright awards two $8,000 scholarships to two phenomenal women for the Full-Time Software Engineering Program each quarter. As part of our mission to #changetheratio in tech, we believe that women who have demonstrated exceptional drive and dedication to impacting the gender ratio in tech, and are ready to change their careers should be recognized.

To qualify for these scholarships, you must first submit a scholarship application in addition to a technical work sample. From there, applicants are evaluated based on performance in the admissions process and technical interview, as well as the technical work sample from the scholarship application.

The technical work sample should exemplify your technical ability, work ethic, and commitment to software engineering. It can be a final assignment from a previous class, a personal side project, your Hackbright Prep final project, a robust portfolio of solutions from a variety of coding challenges or exercises, or something that you create specifically for this scholarship application.

What if I have more financial need than another applicant?

The Phenomenal Woman Scholarship award is based off of applicants’ technical aptitude and skill rather than financial need. However, we are happy to offer other financing options, and are always available to talk through these options with you.

Are there other scholarship options available?

Yes! We are proud to partner with other leading organizations working to #changetheratio in tech. We will occasionally offer additional scholarship opportunities with these generous partners. Qualifications and applications for these scholarships will vary based on program.

Currently, Hackbright partners with New Relic, who offers three full-ride scholarships plus an additional $5,000 for living expenses for women in the Pacific Northwest region who would like a chance to pursue a career in software engineering at Hackbright Academy.

Skills Fund payment plans

Skills Fund is a student financing platform for high-quality, outcomes-based forms of higher education. Their mission is to connect students from all backgrounds and walks of life with transformative skills training.

We partner with Skills Fund to offer students flexible tuition and payment options. A few of the benefits of Skills Fund:

  • It’s all based in the transparency of Skills Fund’s loan terms. Students know all details before they start their loan application (think rate, general APR, and payment amount). Pretty radical for a loan, right?
  • Because Skills Fund only works with high-quality, outcomes-focused programs like Hackbright, they are able to disregard income and employment details in their underwriting – and reflect the future investment in the student’s self, their education, and software engineering career ahead.
  • The whole process is as simple and easy as can be: Students can either 100 percent defer all payments until two months after graduation or start to make minimal interest payments while in program and for two months after graduation.
  • Skills Fund doesn’t have any payment penalties, so when you graduate and land that transformative job as a killer software engineer shortly, you can pay off the balance of your loan at any time.

It takes less than 10 minutes to complete the loan app, you receive a credit decision in minutes, and Skills Fund offers tuition plus living expenses financing to cover all facets of your education. Financing options can be complex, but the goal is to make it easy.

Prep Course discount

Hackbright Prep can be a great first step for women looking to join our Full-Time or Part-Time Software Engineering Programs. Prep is a way to get a taste for what classes and teaching styles are like at Hackbright. It provides an introduction to Python, programming, and lays the foundations for coding. Just a month-long on evenings and weekends, Prep is both a great standalone option for women looking to skill up their coding experience, as well as a way to introduce yourself to Hackbright and see if the in-depth programs are right for you.

If you need financial assistance to attend Prep, we partner with Affirm to help set up a monthly payment plan. Alternately, Prep tuition is typically $1,895, but we offer a reduced flat rate of $1,500 for women who wish to pay upfront for the program.

For those who graduate Hackbright Prep and go on to attend either the Full-Time or Part-Time Software Engineering Programs, we offer a Prep discount – $1,500 off tuition – so your investment in Prep can go toward your Full-Time (or Part-Time) enrollment.

Employer sponsorship

As more and more organizations are taking steps to #changetheratio and invest in internal diversity and inclusion policies, another great option to finance your education is your company. Now, this may sound strange at first – asking your company to help pay so you can go back to school and learn a new skill to change your career path – but if you like where you work, this can actually be a great option.

Start by doing a little research: many company’s employee handbooks include a section on continuing education and professional development. You may be able to find that your company has a matching policy so you can split your tuition, or there may be options for complete coverage, or other tuition assistance.

Stay tuned next week for an in-depth look at how to request employer sponsorship as your bootcamp tuition financing option.

Interested in learning to code? Check out our upcoming Prep Course and our immersive 12-week full-time or 24-week part-time Software Engineering Programs

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