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What Is a Web Developer Versus a Software Engineer?

At Hackbright, we know there are a lot of job titles in the world of tech, development, and software, including web developer and software engineer, but what is the difference between these two titles? We think it’s important for anyone in the field to know, including our recent graduates and alumni who’re pursuing tech-related careers.

What Is a Web Developer?

What Is a Web Developer?

Generally speaking, a web developer is a person who works on creating and maintaining applications designed and implemented specifically for and on the World Wide Web. Employment for web developers can be broken down further into front-end, back-end, and full-stack web development specialties. Developers of all types can work in a variety of environments, such as for corporations, for small businesses, or for themselves as freelancers.

  • Front-end web developers focus on user-side elements of a web application, such as text and image placement and functionality, ensuring the front-end looks good
  • Back-end web developers focus on elements of a web application that are generally not seen by the user, including database systems and webserver interactions
  • Full-stack web developers focus on both front-end and back-end web development, managing both sides of a web application, either alone or as part of a team

What Is a Software Engineer?

What Is a Software Engineer?

A software engineer can work in different capacities to develop and maintain programs or applications designed and implemented for computers or computer-related devices that are not necessarily web-based. The title software engineer can be a kind of catch-all term for more specific programming and development positions, such as software developer or software programmer, so the exact definition of what a software developer is may vary across the industry.

  • Software programmers focus on creating computer software by writing code; they may specialize in one programming language or many programming languages

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