Calling all Trailblazers! Win a FULL Scholarship to Hackbright Academy!

Exciting news! In celebration of our Hackbright community full of trailblazers, we are giving away a full-ride scholarship for our upcoming July 12-week software engineering course to one woman who is ready to change her career!

Since 2012, Hackbright Academy has graduated over 550 women with the skills to be software engineers. We’re excited to empower even more as our collective work to get more women into the engineering field has only just begun!

Submission Deadline is this Friday June 16, 2017. The lucky recipient of the full-tuition scholarship will be notified on Monday June 26, 2017.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Must meet Hackbright Academy Admissions requirements
  • Must be accepted into and enrolled into the July 12-week software engineering fellowship

How To Apply For the Scholarship

  1. Submit the scholarship entry form
  2. Submit your fellowship application for July (if haven’t done so already!)

Full details on scholarship entry process:

The winner will be chosen based by the Hackbright Scholarship Committee based on financial need as determined through the Financial Information Form. We’ll also look at the desire for social impact based on answers in our scholarship form.


Questions? Email us at, tweet us @Hackbright or give us a call 415-887-2215. You can also join our Info Session on 6/21!

Meet Christian Howes: Instructor for Hackbright’s Part-Time Prep Course

Christian Howes is an instructor  for Hackbright Academy’s Part-Time Prep Course. Since earning Computer Engineering and Music Performance degrees, Christian has held several software engineering roles. He has contributed to both server and client side development work at a wide range of organizations including large telecom software, ad serving and mobile karaoke. He loves teaching and mentoring people to achieve their fullest potential. Christian is also a percussionist and founder of Little Mission Studio where he teaches percussion.  He firmly believes in the power of drumming to take out the frustrations of coding! 


What motivated you to teach at Hackbright Academy?
I have been teaching for years, and I believe that management and team leadership is all teaching.  I wanted to get back into formal teaching of software development, and I love Hackbright’s mission as well as the opportunity to train people that I would want to hire!

What will students learn in the Part-Time Course course?
In the part time course, students will get an introduction to the world of programming.  We will learn the fundamentals of programming and the syntax of the Python programming language.

Why do you think it’s important to have these skill sets?
Ten times out of nine (yup, I meant ten times out of nine), software does not do what you wanted it to do because the engineer did not understand how the software would be used.  If the only thing students get from this course is to be able to communicate better with other engineers and help us all get software right the first time we will have much better software for much less cost!

I also believe that the type of problem solving that you have to do when programming helps you to look at non-programming problems in a new way.

How is learning at Hackbright different than learning somewhere else?

The part-time course is pretty unique in that it is a twice a week *in-person* course.  You get to interact with instructors live, in real time.  Students also get one on one time with an advisor/mentor throughout the course, and have access to the facility and community of Hackbright every day.

What inspires you?
The success of my students/mentees (whether students or members of teams that I lead) really gets me excited and motivated to help the team achieve great things.

What do you enjoy doing for fun?
Fun things for me include facilitating others to do great things through teaching, and mentoring.  I also am pretty into fitness things like running, biking, and rock climbing.  Performing music is great fun too!

What’s one thing people don’t know about you
I like to say “I grew up on Mars.”…. and it is true.  I grew up in Mars, PA (zip code 16046, fact check it!).  When I return to visit my family on Mars, I fly to Moon (township), and then drive to Mars.  The Pittsburgh International Airport is in Moon township PA. :)

Christian will be teaching Hackbright’s upcoming Part-Time Prep Course. Enrollment deadline for June courses is May 26, Enroll Here

Hackbright releases latest student outcomes results in the Council on Integrity of Results Reporting (CIRR)


With the release of Hackbright Academy’s latest Outcomes Report, our CEO Sharon Wienbar shares her input on transparency when choosing a school. 



Today Hackbright published our results in the CIRR format.

“We are as proud of our outcome numbers as we are of the grads who achieve them.” I said that the last time we published an outcomes report. Now I can add that Hackbright is also proud to again be at the forefront of our industry, advocating for reporting that is student-first in its clarity and simplicity. Today Hackbright published its outcomes in the CIRR standard format–the Council on Integrity of Results Reporting.

Hackbright’s CIRR report and the other Council members’ reports published today mark the first time that students, employers and industry partners can see schools’ data in a common, clear, simple table that explains 100% of the graduate outcomes with no footnotes. Hackbright has held this goal dear since our earliest days, and we celebrate the dawn of this new era when “transparency” in outcomes reporting means students can see the facts without parsing footnotes and exclusions.

We’ve been working on this mission for a long time. Hackbright Academy’s founder was the founding chairman of NESTA–the New Economy Skills Training Association. In March 2015, a group of ten schools came together, chaired by David Phillips, and announced that they would develop a common reporting framework. David said then, “As our industry continues to grow rapidly, it is crucial that our schools provide consistent and reliable statistics to ensure we’re held to the highest standards demanded by our students and America’s top companies. We are excited to collaborate with leaders of other top coding schools to establish these best practices.”

With NESTA, there was not a definitive date, and we see that the early good intentions frittered away without achieving the common good. Now, CIRR launched with 15 members, an even larger group of schools, on March 1, 2017. Here we are, one month later, unveiling common reports in a simple, single table, for over a dozen schools.


Hackbright Academy is licensed by the California State BPPE, was the founding chair of NESTA and is now a founding member of CIRR. We care that our students and partners can trust and verify our student outcomes we love to talk about.