Hackbright Academy Career Day – Summer 2013 Edition


Hackbright Academy holds for each graduating class of software engineers a “Career Day” – a reverse career fair (companies move one table to the next, with the students sitting at tables with their laptops set up to demo their engineering projects).

Career Day starts with coffee, bagels and introductions from Hackbright Academy partner companies. Representatives from Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google, Heroku (pictured), WebAction, New Relic, Versal and more companies take the microphone to pitch their company to the students.We met members of Sauce Labs (who gave out bottles of hot sauce!), Eventbrite, Square, Zendesk, SurveyMonkey, Udacity, creativeLIVE, Atomic Labs, SoFi, Radius Intelligence, Keen IO, Identified, GREE and Artemis Internet as well – all partner companies of Hackbright.

“Selected Hackbright student projects – 1 OPERATING SYSTEM, 1 rootkit, 1 assembly language code generator, 1 distributed database… You rock Hackbright students!” – Josh Dzielak, VP Engineering, Keen IO

All day, the students were speed-interviewed by 28 companies looking to hire software engineers. The students talked about their engineering projects, their backgrounds (“life before Hackbright”) and interests in engineering. By the end of the day, many had requests to complete code challenges and follow up emails from the interviewers.

Congratulations to the students for getting through their first round of interviews as software engineers! And thanks to all our partner companies for coming out and joining us for Career Day.

Interested companies can get invited to join us at the next Hackbright Academy Career Day to interview the next graduating class of software engineers in December by filling out this form.

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