Hackbright Alumni Showcase: Key Doby, Kirby Hutton, and Kristal Garcia

Key Doby

Key, an SF native, has an MA in Education and prior to attending Hackbright, taught Adult ESL and developed new programs and curriculum to help the department grow. Through integrating technology in the classroom, Key became interested in web apps’ ability to facilitate learning. She joined the Technology Team to help spearhead use of it and wanted to not only write curriculum to offer online courses but also build the app that would meet student needs. Key looks forward to combining her love for learning, problem-solving, and creating and building solutions with the full-stack web development skills she has gained at Hackbright into a Software Engineering position at a company that is driven to help make a difference in people’s lives.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/keyd/

Hackbright Project: Dance Compass

Whether you are near or far from home, if dance is the language of your soul, follow your own Dance Compass, and you will never be lost. Any user can search for dance classes by city with options to filter by date, distance, and style of dance. They can find classes happening today or next month, where they are or where they plan to be. Users who create an account with Dance Compass can save the classes that they are interested into their profile to access at any time, keep track of the specific classes they’ve attended, and see a chart analysis of the number of classes they’ve attended each month. Dancers now have a source to count on to keep abreast of dance classes all over.

Technology Stack:

Python, Flask, Jinja, Javascript, jQuery, AJAX, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, PostgreSQL, SQLAlchemy, Chart.JS

APIs Used:


About Key Doby

C.S. or Related Experience Prior to Hackbright:

Prior to attending Hackbright Academy, Key participated in self-study online with Codecademy and The Firehose Project. She also attended a two-week course at App Academy.

Kirby Hutton

Kirby is an avid world traveler and former HR professional with a passion for connecting with the new and unknown. Having taught English in China, and having served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Burkina Faso, Kirby has developed a resilient nature, a unique perspective all her own, and a knack for embracing the uncomfortable. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Kirby was drawn to Software Engineering in an effort to up-level her skills and increase her ability to have an impact on larger social problems. In the future, Kirby hopes to apply her newly honed technical chops in an environment that is conducive to growth and with a company that is working toward making a positive change in the world.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kirbyhutton

Hackbright Project: RunBuddy

Built a full-stack web app that allows people to search for running buddies based on distance from their entered location and desired running pace. The app includes messaging as well as results displayed on a map.

Technology Stack:

Python, Javascript, AJAX, JSON, HTML, CSS, SQL, Flask, jQuery, Jinja, OpenStreetMaps, PostgreSQL, Bootstrap

About Kirby Hutton

C.S. or Related Experience Prior to Hackbright:

Kirby has used Workday, Greenhouse, and a number of different proprietary HRIS and ATS tools throughout her years in the Human Resources Industry.

Kristal Garcia

Kristal’s passion for technology started at a young age, as she competed in international competitions for creative problem solving and science. Throughout her career, Kristal has expanded those skills, working with senior leaders in a variety of industries, using her problem solving and creativity to navigate global projects and logistics involving presidents and prime ministers. After launching two cryptocurrency products, Kristal decided to jump back into creative problem solving and study software engineering. She enjoys the challenge of having to be both process-driven and creative in a single line of code.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kgarcia4/

Hackbright Project: Sum Blocks

Sum Blocks is a cryptocurrency wallet aggregator, where a user can track portfolio value for wallets on both the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains. Sum Blocks takes publicly available blockchain data to sort through transactions and convert any currency in the wallet to a base currency of Bitcoin. Using an exchange rate API, Sum Blocks refreshes Bitcoin exchange rates every 30 seconds. With Sum Blocks, a user can save their wallets to their portfolio and have the value automatically updated with real-time information when they log-in.

Technology Stack:

Python, Flask, JavaScript, Ajax, PostgreSQL, Bootstrap, ChartJS

APIs Used:

CryptoCompare, Etherscan, Blockchain Explorer, CoinDesk

About Kristal Garcia

C.S. or Related Experience Prior to Hackbright:

Prior to Hackbright, Kristal most recently worked as Director of Business Operations at a cryptocurrency startup, managing design, content, and finance. Kristal has worked as an assistant to senior executives at Uber and Affirm, with a focus on project management, internal communications, operational process, and logistics.

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