LinkedIn Checklist for a Job Seeker (Post-Hackbright)


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This week, Wendy shares her top 6 tips on how to optimize your LinkedIn profile for a successful job search on the platform! GitHub helps with the management and storage of your project revisions. If you add GitHub to LinkedIn, you will make it easier for potential employers to see the value you can provide their business. For HB alumnae looking for opportunities and events, keep an eye out for emails from  Ximena, who leads our Whiteboarding Wednesdays! Let’s get going.

Can You Add GitHub to LinkedIn?

Yes. Although GitHub isn’t built into the LinkedIn framework, you can get your link added as a custom website under “Contact Info.” To do this, follow these steps:
Go to your profile > Contact Info > Websites > Choose website and type “Other” > Type “GitHub” in the following text box > Enter your GitHub URL > Save.

LinkedIn Checklist for Hackbright Job Seekers

1.) Make sure your desired position is stated in your “Professional Headline” on LinkedIn.

For example, “Software Engineer” —

Example of professional headline | Add GitHub to LinkedIn

2.) Add “Projects” to your Linkedin profile. This should definitely include your Hackbright project(s), a link to GitHub, and any hackathon awards you won… You can find upcoming hackathons in the Bay Area here and build a project in a weekend!

Example of Projects | Add GitHub to LinkedIn


3.) Be brief in your “Summary” on LinkedIn. What is your area of expertise? Competitive edge? Think technologies and industry.

Example of Summary | Add GitHub to LinkedIn

4.) Update your “Contact Info” on LinkedIn. Be sure to add “GitHub” and link to your GitHub account!

Contact Info Folder | Add GitHub to LinkedIn

GitHub Added to Websites Text Box | Add GitHub to LinkedIn


5.) Reorder your “Skills” on LinkedIn. Drag-and-drop skills at the bottom of your LinkedIn profile, under “Skills & Endorsements.” This can include skills such as Python, Flask, and JavaScript.

6.) Each brief description of your “Experience” section should include 2-3 bullet points. Make sure that the experiences you post on LinkedIn align with your resume!

Learn how to say you are passionate, creative, responsible, and strategic — without using those exact words. To demonstrate X, use examples that tell stories about X, ideally using data and results that support your point. 

For example, instead of saying you are responsible, describe times when you went above and beyond to ensure that assigned tasks were completed on time. To show strategic thinking skills, mention concrete examples of initiatives you started, or team/company problems that were solved with a project of yours.

Don’t Forget to Create a Comprehensive and Professional Email Signature!

Having graphical icons in your email signature is a clever and catchy way of linking to other social networks such as your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn profiles. But how do you add these icons to your own Gmail signature?

This handy 3-step guide will help you add icons to your email signature. Although this requires more than just copy-pasting the image, it only takes about 5 minutes to set up and can make all the difference. Don’t forget the GitHub icon, along with adding a link to your GitHub!

GitHub Inc. Logo | Add GitHub to LinkedIn


Passion for Your Chosen Career is Evidenced by Staying Active.

Companies are looking at GitHub to find people who fulfill their needs.

The best way to show that you qualify for the position is to gain more experience. This can be done through weekend hackathons/hack days projects, or simply by building projects on your own. Just keep coding!

Here’s a comprehensive list of upcoming hackathons!

And make sure you’ve practiced answering behavioral interview questions because practice makes perfect.

Don’t forget: Hackbright hosts Whiteboarding Wednesdays and more!

Hackbright alumnae can check their email for Ximena Cervantes’ updates on opportunities and events to attend.

Thumbs Up Emoji | Add GitHub to LinkedIn

If you haven’t started your Hackbright education yet, click here to find out what we teach and how to get started today!

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