LinkedIn Checklist for a Job Seeker Post-Hackbright


Career Services at Hackbright are offered by Wendy Saccuzzo and Ximena Cervantes. This week, Wendy shares the top 6 tips for making sure your LinkedIn in ready for the job search! Did you know you can reorder your “Skills” so the most desirable ones go on top? Remember to add your GitHub link in your LinkedIn profile! Wendy also shares some tips for creating a professional email signature that links to your social media and GitHub, as well as some behavioral interview questions to practice for. Don’t forget – Ximena leads Whiteboarding Wednesdays and more events for Hackbright alumnae, so please stay tuned to Ximena’s emails for more!Hackbright Career Services are offered by Wendy Saccuzzo and Ximena Cervantes. This week, Wendy shares the top 6 tips for making sure your LinkedIn is optimized for a successful job search! And don’t forget – Ximena leads Whiteboarding Wednesdays, and shares opportunitis and events for Hackbright alumnae – please stay tuned to her emails to HB-Alum for more!

LinkedIn Checklist for Hackbright Job Seekers

1.) Make sure your desired position is stated in your “Professional Headline” on LinkedIn.

For example, “Software Engineer” —

2.) Add “Projects” to your Linkedin profile. This should definitely include your Hackbright project(s), a link to GitHub, and any hackathon awards you won… You can find upcoming hackathons in the Bay Area here and build a project in a weekend!


3.) Be brief in your “Summary” on LinkedIn. What is your area of expertise? Competitive edge? Think technologies and industry.

4.) Update your “Contact Info” on LinkedIn. Be sure to add “GitHub” and link to your GitHub account!


5.) Reorder your “Skills” on LinkedIn so your most preferred skills are first (ie. Python, Flask, JavaScript). You can drag-and-drop the skills at the bottom of your LinkedIn profile under “Skills & Endorsements” —

6.) Use 2-3 bullet points for each brief description of your “Experience” on LinkedIn. Then, make sure your experiences on LinkedIn aligns with your resume.

Learn how to say you are passionate, creative, responsible and strategic — without using those exact words. To demonstrate X, use examples that tell stories about X that use numbers and results. For example, instead of saying you are responsible, walk through some times when you went above and beyond to ensure the tasks you were assigned were completed on time. Or to show strategic thinking skills, mention in concrete terms some of the initiatives you started and what problems your project(s) solved for your team or company.

Don’t Forget to Create a Comprehensive, Professional Email Signature!

Having graphical icons in your email signature is a clever and catchy way of linking to your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn profiles. But how do you add these icons to your own signature in Gmail?

This handy guide will help in 3 steps to add icons to your email signature. This requires a bit more than just copy-pasting the image — only 5 minutes to set up. Don’t forget the GitHub icon and a link to your GitHub!


Passion for Your Chosen Career is Evidenced by Staying Active.

Companies are looking at GitHub and looking at people doing work they want to hire for. Join projects at weekend hackathons / hack days, and build projects on your own. Just keep coding!

Here’s a comprehensive list of upcoming hackathons!

And make sure you’ve practiced answering behavioral interview questions because practice makes perfect.

Don’t forget: Hackbright hosts Whiteboarding Wednesdays and more!

Hackbright alumnae can check their email for Ximena Cervantes’ updates on opportunities and events to attend.

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