Hackbright Engineering Fellows Enjoy Lunch With Twilio Engineers And Embark On TwilioQuest!


An epic adventure to solve programming challenges, earn loot and bring glory to the guild.

At a “lunch & learn” field trip to Twilio’s office in San Francisco, the Fall 2013 class of Hackbright Academy set off on the TwilioQuest, an 8-bit video-game style tutorial that teaches coders of any skill level to build apps with Twilio.

Challenges in TwilioQuest range from making new Twilio integrations to a production app, to tracking phone number conversations with HTTP cookies. Go on, try tackling the challenges at home!

Before embarking on the Twilio Quest, the engineering fellows from Hackbright Academy enjoyed lunch with engineers at Twilio. We talked to Jennyfer Pinto (a Twilio engineer and Hackbright graduate herself from Spring 2013 class), Twilio developer evangelist Joel Franusic, and several other engineers at Twilio about what it’s like to work as an engineer at Twilio.

Thanks to Twilio engineering for hosting the Fall 2013 Class of Hackbright Academy for a “lunch & learn” day at Twilio!

The engineering fellows are excited to keep in touch with the engineers they met, and to continue with the TwilioQuest. Onward!


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