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What Do Hackbright Grads Do After Hackbright Academy?


Click here for Outcomes Report published in October 2016.

Hackbright Academy is an engineering school for women, focused on outcomes and helping people transition their careers into more technical roles – like software engineering.

90% of Hackbright Academy graduates seeking employment get jobs in tech.

The most popular job for Hackbright alumnae is Software Engineer, with 73% of first jobs in software engineering. Of these roles, 80% are full-time, 10% are contracts and 10% are internships.

84% of Hackbright alumnae who receive job offers get their first job offer within 3 months of completing the engineering fellowship.

The Hackbright Academy engineering fellowship program graduates more female software engineers per year than UC Berkeley or Stanford’s undergraduate computer science degree programs.

In addition to graduating software engineers, Hackbright Academy alumnae have started new careers as:

  • Support Engineers
  • Software Engineers in Test / Quality Engineers
  • Security Engineers
  • Systems Engineers
  • Data Scientists
  • Product Managers
  • Solutions Architects
  • Technical Writers


Here are the 2014 results of Hackbright Academy for the past two years:

What do Hackbright students do after graduating from Hackbright Academy

Infographic updated on Monday, October 27, 2014 to reflect the median and mean time to job offer accepted for Hackbright Academy alumnae.The above information comes from Hackbright Academy’s data of graduating students seeking employment from June, 2012 – April 2014 (117 graduates). Our primary focus for this report is to illustrate the variety of employment choices past students in the program have made. This report does not include data from graduates not seeking employment* (18 graduates). Not seeking employment is categorized as graduates from Hackbright Academy’s engineering fellowship who are not eligible to work in the United States, return to their previous occupation and company, return to their role as full-time parent, return to school, are hired by Hackbright Academy, or do not intend to seek employment upon graduation.

Companies can partner with Hackbright Academy to recruit female engineers!

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