Hackbright Goes to PyBay!

Dori GrantHi! I’m Dori Grant, Director of Admissions here at Hackbright Academy. Prospective students often ask what they need to include in their applications in order to be invited to an interview at Hackbright, while even more ask exactly what it takes to be admitted into our 12-week Software Engineering FellowshipInstead of just focusing on how to get admitted, first consider what it takes to be a successful Hackbright graduate, then ask yourself if you think this program is right for you. Here are four characteristics I often see in our successful applicants and graduates:

Technical Preparation

Our students are encouraged to explore the world of computer science and programming before entering into the fellowship. Those who enter the program with at least a few months of academic practice, whether through online coursework or in-person classes, are more comfortable and confident from the beginning. Not only do they gain insight into the field they’re trying to enter, but they come to the program with an understanding of the basic concepts we teach and are ready to advance their technical knowledge-base from day one. 

Collaboration and Communication 

We find that students who have experience working with, or even managing, a team tend to do well in our program. A high level of pair programming occurs throughout the academic portion of the fellowship, which relies largely on the ability to collaborate and communicate effectively with others. For those students who are more accustomed to working independently but would like to join a program that emphasizes team practice, the fellowship is a good fit.

Passion for Problem Solving and Analysis

Students who do well in our program have a passion for problem solving and analyzing information. They like a good puzzle, they’re curious and enjoy asking why something works (or doesn’t). They’re comfortable analyzing information, learning new and complex ideas, and discussing those ideas in detail.

Solve all the programming problems optimized

Resiliency and Resourcefulness

Students with a strong sense of independence, responsibility, and accountability do well in our program. They’re willing and able to discuss their shortcomings and ways they can improve as easily as they can highlight their successes. Self-reflection and accountability are crucial characteristics for students to possess in order to be effective teammates and successful learners.

Given that information, ask yourself, “Am I that person?” Do you see yourself committed to developing and growing into a programmer, enhancing your skill set along the way? If you say “Yes, that’s me!” then congratulations! Now it’s time to submit your application, but hurry! The deadline for our upcoming fellowship is quickly approaching – applications are due Nov 1.  I encourage you to reach out with any questions you may have regarding the process and look forward to reading your application soon!

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