Hackbright Students Demo At TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon


This weekend, hundreds of hackers gathered in San Francisco for TechCrunch Disrupt hackathon 2013.

Hundreds of developers, including a handful of alumnae from Hackbright Academy, raced to build apps overnight in San Francisco – the hackathon lasted less than 24 hours. On Sunday, each team gave a 60 second pitch onstage at the TC Disrupt hackathon.

Watch the 60-second pitch for the app built by Hackbright Academy alumnae Rebecca Bruggman and Gowri Grewal (both pictured) at the TechCrunch Disrupt hackathon here:

Here is the transcript of the Fashionable Holiday demo, as delivered by by Gowri Grewal:

“The Fashionable Holiday app that helps you pack for your next trip. You just choose your destination, indicate your clothing preference (for men, women or children) – then we look up the weather and recommend the appropriate clothes for the trip. Here, we are going to Miami. ShopStyle recommends tops, bottoms and then shoes that you can take with you on your trip.

This uses the Wunderground API for weather, and the ShopStyle API for the clothing recommendations.

It’s built on Python, Flask, Jinja and CSS. My partner Becca Bruggman came up with the idea and coded the front-end and the ShopStyle API, and I coded the Wunderground API. My name is Gowri Grewal and we just graduated from the Hackbright Academy two weeks ago. Thank you.”

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