How Coding Bootcamps Help With More Than Learning

How Coding Bootcamps Help With More Than Learning

Hackbright Academy is a coding bootcamp dedicated to teaching software engineering skills to women, gender diverse individuals, and their allies as part of an effort to #ChangeTheRatio of gender equality in tech. But our coding bootcamp is so much more than a place to learn the material. We’ve grown a supportive community that is enthusiastic about technology and programming and eager to see you succeed.

A Place to Make Connections, Get Advice, and Skills to Change Your Career

Making Connections

Hackbright provides a welcoming learning environment where students work both independently and collaboratively on projects, tapping their cohort peers and instructors when needed, or in pair programming exercises. This environment helps students build a support network within their cohort as they learn from and help each other. Students can share their experiences, ask questions, teach, and receive feedback from one another, which strengthens their understanding and learning of coding concepts.

Perhaps most importantly, there are times when this environment is similar to a real-world work environment, where individuals develop soft skills like communications and problem-solving as they learn to work together to achieve a common goal.

One of the greatest things about coding bootcamps is that you’re entering a space where tech connections can be made with just about everyone you’re working with and around. Your fellow students are working to enter the industry by your side. Your instructors and mentors have already or are already working in the field. Tech recruiters may connect with qualified bootcamp graduates to fill entry-level positions.

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Getting Advice

You can always turn to Google to get advice from internet strangers, but you may have better luck getting advice from your coding bootcamp connections—especially early on as you’re learning the language of coding. Hackbright alumni, mentors, and instructors have been where you currently are, and they want to see you succeed. That’s why you’ll be able to read through a decade’s worth of stories that offer advice on coding, careers, and software engineering at Hackbright. (Need a place to start? Read or watch: Advice for Future Software Engineers.)

Changing Careers

Changing career paths can be time-consuming and challenging for many reasons, but coding bootcamps like Hackbright can help simplify that transition for people who can’t go get (or aren’t interested in) a 4-year degree or pay for other educational options. If, on the other hand, you like the idea of working and studying intensively full-time for 12-weeks to help you pursue an entry-level development job, then Hackbright can help you. You can also take our after-hours 24-week software engineering course if you’re currently not in a position to leave a day job or daytime responsibilities.

A Place to Develop Your Skills while Getting the Support You Need

Of course, learning is an important part of coding bootcamps. To be clear, whether you enroll in the full- or part-time software engineering bootcamp at Hackbright Academy, you will learn a lot. Bootcamps are designed to push you, but Hackbright Academy builds in the encouraging support network for those times when you need mentorship on a project or conversations about your career path to help keep you on track.

In other words, there’s a difference between learning by yourself and learning in a supportive community that wants to see you succeed. When learning gets frustrating—and it will get frustrating—where will you turn to get help? At Hackbright, you can turn to your peers, mentors, instructors, and resources. By yourself…well, there’s always those internet strangers. That being said, the internet is an incredible resource for beginning and established programmers, who frequently turn to Google and coding forums with questions. But consider it one tool in your toolbox, while bootcamp is the tech training that accelerates your ability to use the tools and speak the language, so you’ll better understand what questions to ask.

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A Place That’s There for You to Join in Discussions and Events

Once you join Hackbright, you can rely on our community to help you out, and you can always help out our community. Our alumni network is involved with programs, events, and tech discussions in the industry. So, wherever you’re learning from, you’ll be able to stay connected.

Even though Hackbright Academy bootcamps are remote, if you are feeling prepared for the bootcamp life and are building the mindset of a collaborative software engineer, you can truly find a welcome online home for learning. As you log in each day and take accountability for your learning, our instructors and mentors will be there to teach you and your cohort, providing the structured environment many students need to thrive.

Learn Software Engineering and Become a Part of the Tech Community

Becoming a part of the tech world isn’t always straightforward or easy, so it can be helpful to become a part of a supportive community that’s already established in the industry. If learning software engineering and becoming part of a tech community sounds good to you, then you should check out our full-time 12-week and part-time 24-week immersive software engineering program or our 5-week Python Basics Prep course.

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