Kickstart Your New Career by Learning to Code

Browsing Hackbright’s course offerings  for the fourth time this month, but just can’t bring yourself to make the plunge? We get it. Learning a challenging skill set and striking out on a new career path is a huge decision to make, especially if you’re already comfortable at your current job. If you feel like you need a little push, or if the self-doubt demons are breathing down your neck, consider the ways that learning to code could give your life an upgrade. Here are just a few:

You’ll get to be a little selective.

In today’s market, jobs can seem harder to come by than ever before. A lot of smart, creative job seekers can find it difficult to demonstrate their marketable skills to employers. That means that when you’re offered a job, there’s a lot of pressure to take it- even if it’s not the best fit.

Learning to code gives you a definite edge over other applicants. Employers love to see that you’ve taken the initiative to learn a challenging skill set; what’s even better is that this particular skill set is always in high demand. Having an edge over your competition allows you to be a bit more flexible, giving you more time to find the best match in terms of your interests, compatibility with the company’s culture, and your long-term career goals.

You’ll start earning the big bucks.

There’s no question that software developers get paid competitive wages. The Bureau of Labor Statistics puts the median developer’s salary at $100,690 a year, which is substantially higher than the national average. While it’s certainly not the only valuable thing about learning to code, being well-compensated for solving important, real-world problems is always a good thing.

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You’ll get to do what you really want at work.

Tech companies tend to prioritize efficiency in creative ways, so instead of days full of wall-to-wall meetings, you can look forward to more flexible, functional work hours and meaningful communication with co-workers.

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Not all programmers work in chilled-out office environments, but employers will definitely want to get the most out of your creative brain. When you think about it, a lot of today’s most valuable innovations are the result of hardworking software developers, and that means that your team WILL give you the time you need to do what programmers do best: make amazing stuff!


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