How to Know if Hackbright Academy is the Right Fit for You


Could You Benefit from a Coding Bootcamp?

Coding bootcamps like Hackbright Academy are helping students learn software engineering quickly. If you’re thinking about a career change, a coding bootcamp might be the right fit for you. See what Hackbright alumnae had to share.

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Video Transcript

“I love school so I really believe in just like learning.”

“Someone talked to me about Hackbright and how it’s an all-women bootcamp and where the environment and the culture is very nurturing versus like cutthroat.”

“Hackbright was the second bootcamp that I had gotten into but because of the mission it felt like a more supportive place to be and so that’s why I chose to come here.”

“I had a couple of friends who had gone through bootcamps as well and they recommended Hackbright both for the strength of the curriculum and the fact that it’s all women. Both of those things really appeal to me so I just kind of decided to take a leap of faith.”

“I was having a lot of trouble just self-directed learning. I didn’t have like a curriculum. That’s what I really wanted, and also just someone to answer my questions, and I had a lot of questions.”

“With Hackbright, I attended an open house and just the people that I met there that were in the process of applying; they were like, ‘Hey, do you want to get together to study, like, I’m actually struggling with this topic a bit,’ and I already started building that like social network and that support network that I knew I would need if I was going to go into a bootcamp.”

“Coming from an education background where I had a lot of my own philosophies about how teaching was supposed to happen, I really appreciated Hackbright’s mission as far as just really committing to every student individually.”

“Hackbright to me seemed like the most supportive environment. It seemed like the most well-balanced environment.”

“And it just felt like a better vibe, and it felt like it was a better fit for me personally. I’d like to learn with people who want to learn and who want to learn with me.”

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You can become a software engineer in 12-24 weeks with Hackbright’s Software Engineering program. Check out our remote software development courses.

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