LAUNCH Hackathon First To Adopt Code of Conduct From Hackbright Academy


The technology sector has been rife with controversy, from highly-publicized sexual harassment incidents between conference attendees to ensuing snowballing fall-outs, from PyCon to RubyConf.

Engineering school Hackbright Academy released a Code of Conduct from its successful women-centric hardware hackathon Silicon Chef free for use by other hackathon organizers to create more inclusive hackathons and events.

Afterall, hackathons are community events intended for innovation, collaboration, and engagement in the developer community.

Today, Hackbright Academy’s code of conduct for hackathons has been adopted by leading hackathon LAUNCH, with 1000+ builders anticipated at hackathon happening this November 8-10 in San Francisco.

Hackathon organizers globally are welcome to adopt and link to the Code of Conduct for hackathons Hackbright Academy has set forth. We are happy to have proved successful at creating awesomely inclusive and radically transparent hackathons (eg. Silicon Chef) that are welcoming to all.

We especially like this part in LAUNCH Code of Conduct about inclusiveness:

Be Open
We welcome attendees from all backgrounds. This event is about increasing the overall amount of innovation, partnership, and engagement in the developer community.

You are welcome to use the Hackbright Academy Code of Conduct for your own hackathon.

See it in action at the LAUNCH hackathon, where dozens of Hackbright students and alum are expecting to build great things this November 8-10 in San Francisco. Grand prizes include $1.6M investment (or $10k cash), and there will be awesome food and drink throughout the free hackathon. Find out more info and apply to participate here.

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