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How to Become a Software Developer

Do you want to learn software development? Well, you don’t have to learn software development alone if you don’t want to. There’s a way for you to learn and grow as part of a software development community. Hackbright Academy is the software engineering school for women in the Bay Area. And, now you can join our bootcamp courses remotely no matter where you live.

Here’s why you should learn software development in the Hackbright community.

Beginners Are Welcome to Learn Python and Software Development

learn software development in a group

In the Hackbright community, we teach full-stack software development, focusing on the popular and beginner-friendly programming language Python. This means that our community of supportive and phenomenal developers can help you learn software development no matter how much knowledge or experience you currently have. Check out Mathilde’s story about learning Python with Hackbright.

It Doesn’t Take Years to Learn Software Development with Hackbright

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You can forget about putting your life on hold for years of schooling if you’d rather jump into the world of software development right away. In just 12-24 weeks, you can learn software development at Hackbright. How? Because we offer accelerated bootcamp courses, focusing on practical programming skills in a community that will help prepare you for pursuing jr. software development positions.

You Can Learn Software Development Online with Our Remote Courses

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Hackbright Academy may be based in San Francisco, but we help women learn software development far and wide through our remote courses. You can connect with course material, instructors, mentors, our alumnae network, and your fellow software engineering peers online. You can learn more about our bootcamp courses and choose the right one for you.

Join a Community of Software Developers and Learn

You can learn software development in a community at Hackbright Academy. More than 900 women have already done it, and you can, too. Whether you start with the 5-week Prep course or jump into the 12-week Full-Time Software Engineering course, you’ll find a community of software engineering enthusiasts waiting for you.

Get Your Software Engineering Course Outline and Start Learning

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