Learn Software Engineering Remotely with Hackbright

Hackbright Academy’s Software Engineering Course

Thinking about making a change and becoming a software engineer?

At Hackbright Academy, we offer a 12 or 24 week Software Engineering course. It’s 12 weeks when taken full-time or 24 weeks when taken part-time. The purpose of this course is to prepare you to enter the technology industry and help you to pursue software engineering positions.

Here are some high-level points about the course.

Get Ready to Love Python: A Versatile Programming Language

Hackbright’s Software Engineering course is centered around the programming language Python. This beginner-friendly yet versatile programming language is also taught as part of our Prep and Python 101 courses. Python is used by companies like Reddit, Google, Facebook, and Netflix.

Python is beginner-friendly in part because of its familiar and easy-to-pick-up syntax. That is, the order of the programming language elements make sense to English speakers when they see and write out code. This syntax can also make reading other engineer’s code easier, too.

Of course, the Software Engineering course covers other programming languages as well, since it is a full-stack program, but Python is the bread and butter of software engineers who graduate from Hackbright.

Become Part of the Phenomenal Hackbright Community for Life

One aspect of the Software Engineering course that can’t be overstated is the Hackbright community. From the moment you enroll in the course, you become part of this supportive and phenomenal group of instructors, mentors, peers, and alumni who all want you to succeed.

An important part of working in the technology industry is building a professional network of people you can turn to at all points in your career. With Hackbright, you can reach out to peers you studied with, alumni who’ve been where you are now, and instructors and mentors who have already worked as software engineers.

Learn from Mentors and Instructors Who’ve Been Software Engineers

Speaking of mentors and instructors who are or have been software engineers, you’ll get connected with these professionals when you enroll in the Software Engineering course. They can help guide you as you learn and study to become ready to pursue your software engineering goals.

You can work with Hackbright’s mentors and instructors on a one-on-one basis and as part of larger group presentations and workshops. Immersing yourself in the world of software engineering has never been simpler than enrolling in a bootcamp and doing the work.

Learn More About Hackbright’s Software Engineering Course

For a more in depth look at Hackbright’s Software Engineering course, check out the course details page or request a full course outline using the form below. You can also contact our friendly Admissions team to discuss details related to the course and to ask about applying.

Ready to apply? Start here.

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