Phenomenal Woman: How to become a software engineer


Considering becoming a software engineer and ready to start your programming journey? Congratulations!

Where do I start?

You’ve made the decision to advance your technical skills and learn to code. But where do you start? Online classes? Preparatory courses? Full- or part-time format? If you’re new to the world of computer science, jumping in without prior background can be a daunting task.

Software engineering can be an incredibly fulfilling profession. If you love problem-solving, logic-based puzzles, and building something to improves processes and programs, then you’re on the right track. But what else can you do to help jumpstart your career transition into engineering?

How to become a software engineer

That’s why we wrote an eBook: Phenomenal Woman: How to become a software engineer. Inside this guide, we’ll explore what education options there are for new coders, how to prepare for the next step in your education, what you should consider before switching careers, and what happens before, during, and after your bootcamp experience. You’ll also find resources on financing your tuition, study guides and tutorials, and other key prep materials to get you started.

phenomenal woman ebook

Seem like a lot? It is. You’re investing in yourself, your continued education, and your professional development. And that’s no small commitment. You’re excited for your future, and we’re excited for you! Let’s begin.

Interested in learning to code? Check out our upcoming Prep Course and our immersive 12-week full-time or 24-week part-time Software Engineering Programs

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