Read About Anna’s Journey Into Software Engineering on Course Report

Read About Anna’s Journey Into Software Engineering on Course Report

Anna Peery is a Hackbright alumna who now works as a software engineer. (Congratulations!)

We’re thrilled that Anna got to share her story with the people at Course Report. You can read the original story on Course Report’s website. We’ve also shared our favorite selections below.

Anna Peery’s Journey to Become a Software Engineer with Hackbright

Anna Peery’s Journey to Become a Software Engineer with Hackbright

Q: What were you doing before Hackbright Academy? 

A: Prior to pursuing Software Engineering, I worked in healthcare as an Occupational Therapist. I helped people with disabilities perform everyday life tasks. I have my master’s degree in Occupational Therapy, but within my first year of working, I realized that I wasn’t fulfilled by my career path. My partner’s whole family is in Software Engineering, and I began to explore that.

Q: What made you choose the Hackbright Academy Software Engineering Program?

A: My partner and I had to move to the San Francisco Bay Area for his Ph.D. program. His family lives in the Bay Area, and his older sister recommended Hackbright Academy. She explained that Hackbright Academy is a coding bootcamp with a great support network. I was interested because their curriculum is based in Python, a back end coding language.

Q: When you were searching for a job, did you notice any bias against bootcamp grads or were people receptive to it?

A: People are very receptive. I don’t feel like I actually received negative pushback from being a bootcamp grad. It’s all about how you tell your personal story. People are inspired by those who make career changes into these jobs. If anything, I think once you get your foot in the door, people really applaud it!

Feeling Inspired? You Can Check Out Hackbright Academy, Too

We wish Anna all the best in her future endeavors and we thank Course Report for sharing her story. If you’re feeling inspired by Anna’s story, you can check out Hackbright Academy. We’d love to hear from you, wherever you are on your own personal journey in the world of tech.

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Anna’s Journey Into Software Engineering with Hackbright Academy

Read About Anna's Journey Into Software Engineering on Course Report

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