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Keeping up with the latest in tech can be fun yet challenging because of how quickly the industry moves. At Hackbright, our mission is to support phenomenal women and gender-diverse people, and their allies, as they make their way into the world of software engineering. And, there are a lot of great people to follow and interact with. For now, here’s a handful you can check out and follow.

Chloe Condon, Microsoft Cloud Advocate and Hackbright Alumna

Chloe Condon

Starting off this list is Chloe Condon, a Hackbright alumna now working in the tech industry as a Senior Cloud Advocate for Microsoft. She has a background in the arts and a BA in drama from San Francisco State University. One of her goals is to bridge the gap between artists and engineers. You can join her more than 48k followers on Twitter, check out her other social accounts and streams, and see when she’s hosting the Student Zone at Microsoft Build.

Anna Lytical, Google Engineer and Educational Coding Drag Queen

Anna Lytica

Learning how to code can be fun with Anna Lytical, a Google Engineer and educational coding drag queen. Check out coding video tutorials on YouTube, tune in to casual live streams, and follow for “sickeningly entertaining” content, all while you stay up-to-date with and learn more about coding and the industry. Great for defeating imposter syndrome and following dreams.

Amy Kaur, Civil Engineer, Cofounder of Engineering Gals, and Podcast Host of Gals Chat

Amy Kaur

A few weeks ago, Hackbright shared a list of podcasts women in tech should check out. One of those was Gals Chat by Engineering Gals. Amy Kaur is a host on the show, and you can follow her outside of the podcast for even more great engineering content. One of her goals is to find and amplify underrepresented voices in STEM, something we are definitely on board with.

Tiff in Tech, Software Developer and Coding Bootcamp Graduate

You can find great videos on Tiff in Tech’s YouTube channel and follow her for updates. Tiffany is a coding bootcamp graduate who decided to get into the tech industry after graduating from college. Here’s her inspirational story for anyone who thinks it’s too late to get into coding.

Hosanna Hali, Tech Career Coach


If you’re interested in tech as a hobby, career, or lifestyle, then follow Hosanna. There are plenty of YouTube videos on topics like imposter syndrome in tech and getting ready for your tech interview. Following someone who has learned how to code and works in the industry is a great way to pursue that path yourself or help others.

Become a Software Engineer with Hackbright

Entering the world of tech and staying up-to-date on software engineering can start with a course from Hackbright Academy. Study full-time or part-time remotely, check in with mentors, create projects based in Python, and work on building your resume.

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