Hackbrights Present Tech Talks at SheCodes Conference 2013

Hackbright instructor and Director of Operations Liz Howard gave a developer identity talk at SheCodes Conference last Friday at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California.

In addition to talking about identity as a woman software engineer, she appealed to the audience of women developers to give more tech talks – on topics like k-means clustering, busting CAP theorum at scale, machine learning algorithms, natural language processing, language design, how to build an operating system…

The three Hackbright graduates following demoed their projects.

First, Megan Speir came onstage to talk about machine learning and her app Morgan. She talked about natural language processing for Twitter sentiment analysis, and she showed code onscreen. Megan described how it was manipulated and parsed into an infographic, which she showed the audience.

Megan has also built a guest book photo booth as her Hackbright project, pairing a Raspberry Pi built into a physical “mini booth” with a Flask webapp.

Next, Hackbright grad Melanie Warrick talked about her full stack Hackbright project Sun Finder and the different languages and APIs that she used to deploy her app.

Onstage, Melanie presented a slide that displayed project structure and resources, such as the MVC (model, view, controller), various APIs and programming languages used. Then she ran her app for a live demo – and it worked! Sun Finder predicted that the Mission District in San Francisco would be partly cloudy and 58 degrees Fahrenheit.

Last but not least, Hackbright grad Michelle Glauser talks about her project BookFairy. She discussed her unique problem as a book nerd, and built her own solution at Hackbright – she learned Django, processed uploaded files, created URLs to request, scraped library sites with PyQuery, pulled in book ratings, checked book info and search results correlation using fuzzywuzzy and designed frontend using Python, Django and PyQuery.

The Hackbright grads stood onstage and answered questions from the audience. Thanks to everyone who attended SheCodes and shared encouragement about the tech talks – we hope to do more of them!

Hackbright Represents at SheCodes Event (August 9 in Mountain View)

Hear Liz Howard, Hackbright Academy instructor, speak on going from pseudocode permission slips to genuine identity at SheCodes on August 9!

Also, Hackbright alums Michelle Glauser, Melanie Warrick and Megan Speir will be demoing their projects after Liz Howard’s talk at SheCodes!

SheCodes is a one-day conference for women in tech happening at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View on Friday, August 9, 2013. The objective is to discuss the path and impact of technical women and to equip all participants with valuable skills that increase the visibility and impact of our work.

Talks for emerging technical women leaders include the following:

  • * From Pseudocode Permission Slips to Genuine Identity by Hackbright instructor Liz Howard
  • * The 3 Misses That Hold Women Back in Tech keynote by Poornima Vijayashanker, founder of Femgineer & founding engineer at
  • * Femgineer Workshop: Learn to be a Leading Lady in Tech by Poornima Vijayashanker
  • * The Ceiling Can’t Hold Us by Tindie’s head of engineering Julia Grace
  • * Lessons I’ve Learned from Millions of Users by Mozilla head of UX Jinghua Zha
  • * The Little Girl Geek Wants to Play by Latino 2 executive director Jennifer Arguello

See the full SheCodes agenda here:

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