Automated Testing Processes – A Tech Talk by iOS Developer Stephanie Shupe at Hackbright Academy

Stephanie Shupe, iOS developer at Lookout Mobile Security, gives a tech talk at Hackbright Academy about testing. This is a great way to be confident in your own code and avoid nightmares of your code breaking production. Often, the amount of testing depends on the stage of software application and the development team. How many active users does the app have? How large is the development team? Is the app in international markets with multiple language localizations? With each increasing stage of an app and growth of the development team, automated testing becomes ever more important to ensure a quality product.

Watch the full Hackbright Academy Tuesday night tech talk on testing here:

Giving the tech talk is Stephanie Shupe, one of the first members on Lookout’s iOS team. She talks about how Lookout adapted automated testing processes to maintain and improve quality in the iOS product. This talk will use Lookout’s iOS product as an example, but the principles and learnings can be applied to any software stack.

About the speaker: Stephanie Shupe is a Software Engineer at Lookout, although she is classically trained in civil engineering. She practiced civil engineering for two years prior to deciding to make a career shift into the tech industry. She was part of the first cohort of App Academy, one of many coding bootcamps in San Francisco. After bootcamp, Stephanie joined Lookout and hasn’t looked back to her civil engineering career.

Outside of Lookout, Stephanie is the Chief Operating Officer of Women Who Code and also co-leads a mobile meetup group each week that is focused on teaching beginner and intermediate developers how to build iOS and Android applications. She has also led and organized mock interview sessions with Women Who Code to expose the tech interview process in a harmless environment.

Stephanie has mentored high school and college students as well as those new to tech or transitioning to tech. She is always happy to help others find their place in the working world and can offer good advice on how to change careers and how to fit into the tech industry post the transition. Follow her on Twitter at @steph_shupe.

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