(Video) “Programming Interviews Exposed”: Noah Kindler Speaks at Hackbright Academy about Interviewing


“Programming Interviews Exposed: Secrets to Landing Your Next Job” author Noah Kindler stops by Hackbright Academy to bring some insight to the technical interview process.

He talks through sample technical interview questions with the Fall 2013 engineering fellows who did a great job talking out loud through the problems.

Watch the video from his talk at Hackbright here:

Here are the tips Noah recommends when going on programming interviews:

#1 – Prepare

Practice programming interviews and go through your resume to make sure you are knowledgable on every technology you mention. Also, make sure you know about the company where you’re interviewing and are familiar with their products.

#2 – Be systematic when solving a problem

Make sure you understand the problem and do an example before your start coding to help figure out the algorithm. Talk out loud while coding and make sure to check your code with an example when you’re finished. Try to stretch the problem and look for more efficient solutions after solving it.

#3 – Reflect and learn

If an interview didn’t go well, try to solve the problem afterwards. Determine why you had trouble in the interview – at exactly what steps. Brush up on content areas if you weren’t strong in a certain place, and try more practice problems if you needed confidence or help approaching the problems. Luckily, there are lots of technology companies and opportunities!

Let us know in the comments below if you get any new, tricky interview problems – or have any great tips for others going through programming interviews. Good luck!

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