Changemaker Scholarship

Scholarship Criteria Rules

Good news! Hackbright is awarding two half-tuition scholarships to changemakers for the Full-Time or Part-Time Software Engineering Program. Scholarship applicants will be evaluated based on written responses and the other information provided by applicants in the scholarship application.It is the mission of Hackbright to #changetheratio of people who are gender-diverse in tech. Since 2012, Hackbright Academy has graduated 1,000+ students with the skills to be software engineers, and our goal is to train more. If you’ve wanted to transition into software engineering, now is the time.

Eligibility Requirements

How to apply for the Changemaker Scholarship

  1. Submit this scholarship form
  2. Submit your application for the Full-Time or Part-Time Software Engineering Program


Have questions? Email us at or give us a call 415-862-0595.

Good Luck!