Deferred Tuition Eligibility

Here’s a summary of the eligibility requirements for Hackbright’s Deferred-Tuition Program.  The complete terms and conditions are included in the Deferred-Tuition Program Agreement, available from Hackbright admissions staff.

To be eligible to receive deferred tuition, you must:

  1. Have a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited, degree-granting college or university, and have worked full-time for at least 2 years
  2. Earn a score of 5 or higher on Hackbright’s admissions technical interview conducted prior to being admitted to the fellowship
  3. Enroll at Hackbright and pay a $250 tuition deposit
  4. Provide a professional reference; and
  5. Pay the up-front deferment fee of $2,899 before the fellowship begins.

If you participate in the Deferred-Tuition Program, you are responsible for the $250 tuition deposit, the $2,899 prepaid deferment fee, and the $14,900 tuition balance.

To maintain eligibility during the fellowship, you must:

  1. Remain enrolled for the entire fellowship through completion
  2. Complete all your assignments on time and maintain an average score of 70 on your weekly skills assessments
  3. Attend all career development and employer partnership events hosted or sponsored by Hackbright; and
  4. Prepare a demonstration piece for your digital portfolio.

To maintain eligibility following the fellowship and until the end of the deferment, you must:

  1. Attend required employer, career-services, alumni, and networking events occurring frequently during the deferment period
  2. Maintain an active job search and report to Hackbright weekly on your progress
  3. Add another demonstration piece to your digital portfolio
  4. Meet with a Hackbright career development coach every two weeks and
  5. Promptly notify Hackbright once you receive a job offer

Once you have received a job offer, you will enter repayment.  If you fail to meet the eligibility requirements set forth in the Deferred-Tuition Program Agreement, Hackbright shall invoice you for the full amount of the tuition that was subject to deferment, and you will be obligated to pay that amount within 30 days.

Additional terms and conditions apply to your participation in the Deferred-Tuition Program. Complete eligibility criteria and student obligations for the Deferred-Tuition Program are in the Deferred-Tuition Program Agreement.  Please contact Hackbright admissions staff at to obtain further information about the Deferred-Tuition Program or if you have any questions.