We’re grateful to have immense support from the community!

Our Mission

Joann Anderson

Director of Engineering at Slack

Our Hackbright alumnae exemplify the Slack values of craftsmanship and thriving. They’ve been able to quickly contribute to projects with practical programming knowledge and a curiosity to learn. We look forward to future Hackbright graduates building successful careers at Slack.

Peter van Hardenberg

GM and Founding Developer, Heroku

I’d encourage any company to get involved with organizations like Hackbright and see what they can do to help include communities that are not well-represented in technology today in their company.

Ching-Yu Hu

Co-Founder, Skybox Imaging (Acquired by Google)

Hackbright Academy boldly addresses tech’s diversity challenges by building a factory of talented women software engineers from diverse backgrounds and disciplines. We attended a Career Day and yielded a gifted software engineer, a star performer still on our team 3 years later!”

Pat Poels

VP of Engineering, Eventbrite

I spoke with people who blew my hair back. A lot of really, really talented people.

Richard Lavoie

Senior Director of Engineering, Splunk

Two of the best engineers I have worked with in my 30+ year career in engineering are Hackbright graduates.

Darin Swanson

VP of Engineering, New Relic

We are one of the program’s biggest fans, with six Hackbright alumnae on the New Relic team and the hope for more!

Selina Tobaccowala

President Emeritus, Survey Monkey

On day one, the productivity gap for web development between computer science graduates and Hackbright graduates is slim to none.

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Our Community

Kevin Whinnery

Developer Education Manager, Twilio

Based on where I have seen recent grads, I suspect we’ll all look back and marvel at the impact at Hackbright has had in 5-10 years.

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Natalie Villalobos

Women in Technology Advocate, Google

I think that they are gifting her a family and a network that can help support her through her life within the technology industry. That mentorship and camaraderie is going to help that woman stay in the technology industry longer. When you have a community like Hackbright, and you have an opportunity for these women to learn together, you’re creating a bond where anything is possible.

I’m very proud to be a Hackbright mentor because I believe in their mission of changing the ratio. I’ve always thought of programming as a superpower, and while I was incredibly fortunate to be connected to my passion for coding at an early age, it doesn’t take a lifetime to learn. Over the years that I’ve been a mentor, I’ve seen hundreds of women launch their careers through Hackbright—and it’s been especially rewarding to recruit some of these alumnae to join Reddit’s engineering team.

Selina Tobaccowala

President & CTO, Survey Monkey

Hackbright attracts smart, driven women and provides them with a fantastic environment where they can quickly but effectively learn software development and ultimately become skilled coders.

Ava St. John

Software Engineer, Survey Monkey & Alumna at Hackbright Engineering Fellowship

Some of the most amazing people I know were in my class at Hackbright and they are my favorite people in the world. They are really incredible people.

Meghan Hade

Software Engineer at Mapzen & Alumna at Hackbright Engineering Fellowship
I now have this network of professional women who are already established in their careers that I can reach out to ask questions, ask for advice, or mentorship.

Jessica Roth

Talent Acquisition at SalesforceIQ

SalesforceIQ was blown away by the skills, attitude, and engagement of the engineers in the program. We have hired Hackbright Engineers who have ramped quickly and have immediately been able to contribute to SalesforceIQ.

Our Programs

Jen Mei Wu

Lead Software Engineer, Indiegogo

Hackbright is different because all their students are women…it creates an environment that is very collegial and very supportive, which isn’t always the case with all the programs that are out there.

Danae Ringelmann

Founder and Chief Development Officer, Indiegogo

What’s so great about Hackbright is you take raw talent and you give them skills so they can thrive in a completely different arena but still be the amazing people that they always were.

Cheryl Ainoa

SVP Product Development, Intuit

Hackbright’s a wonderful place where you are with a group of people that coming out after 10 weeks are going to spread in many different companies. You now are going to have a wealth of contacts in the best companies in the valley.