Hackbright Ada Cohort Virtual Demo Day


July 21


02:30 pm - 04:30 pm

Click to Register: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/hackbright-ada-cohort-virtual-demo-day-tickets-367074348257

Hackbright Academy

Website: https://www.eventbrite.com/o/hackbright-academy-2443568074
Get a first look at the projects of Hackbright’s latest class of software engineers and help us change the ratio in tech.

Hackbright Academy invites your company to attend our Virtual Demo Day featuring the capstone software projects of a cohort of talented software engineers. At the end of next month, they will be advancing into the workforce as newly minted software engineers, so Demo Day will provide your company with the opportunity to have the first sneak peek at their work. We need your help to #changetheratio in tech, so we hope to see you at this event! Come meet your next great hire.


  • Share your company culture — Companies will be assigned to zoom breakout rooms for demo night to present with students about open roles and company culture.
  • Prepare to answer questions — Software engineers will be asking you questions about your company and hiring needs.
  • Make connections — Connect with engineers eager about the same problems you are eager to solve. Connect on LinkedIn and set up future appointments.
  • Hackbright Academy is an intensive software engineering school, where highly driven and accomplished individuals come to “pivot” in their careers.

Our students complete a full-time (12 weeks) or part-time (26 weeks), remote, immersive boot camp rooted in the programming language of Python with the focus of learning full-stack web application development. Students learn JavaScript as a second programming language as well as HTML/CSS and the templating language Jinja. They learn software development techniques and technologies such as AJAX, *nix command-line, and how to work with APIs such as Google Maps.

They learn the fundamentals of Computer Science data structures such as linked lists, dictionaries, and trees, as well as object-oriented design. They also learn the fundamentals of basic networking concepts and how the internet works including the HTTP internet protocol. Techniques used in the industry such as pair programming, Git and version control, and deploying to cloud services such as Amazon Lightsail are also components of the program.

Students learn how to write unit-tests, integration tests, and functional tests for their code, and many also explore Test-Driven Development techniques. To manage database structures, they learn SQL. In object-oriented design, they learn how to master Object Relational Mapping techniques with the SQLAlchemy library. Can’t believe they learn all this in such a few intensive weeks? Find out for yourself at our Virtual Demo Night.

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