Jobs Report


Hackbright Academy is one of the only coding schools in the country with a program specialized in empowering women not only to land a job, but thrive as software engineers.

The examination was conducted in accordance with attestation standards established by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and, accordingly, included examining underlying documents on a test basis.

Reporting Period: January – June 2016 | Total Graduates: 78

Key Findings of our CIRR report:


Graduation Rate

Our graduation rate is a testament to our rigorous admissions process and customized program support for students.

Alexandra Dobkin

Alumna and Bloomberg software engineer

"I found the graduation rate to be unique, as other bootcamps kick out low performers. They end up looking more like a job placement agency, as opposed to being focused on investing in everyone’s learning."

Jessica Roth

Talent Acquisition, Salesforce IQ

"SalesforceIQ was blown away by the skills, attitude, and engagement of the engineers in the program. We have hired Hackbright engineers who have ramped quickly and have immediately been able to contribute to SalesforceIQ!"


Median Salary

Of 51 self-reporting graduates, the median first job salary is $88,000 – one of the highest salaries among schools reporting through CIRR. Our program helps women command and receive compensation to match their talent.


Full-time, in field

Full-time, in field means that graduates have a full-time job relevant to the skills learned.

+12% chose short-term contract, internships, or part-time work for a variety of reasons including opportunity, flexibility, etc. 1% of this group chose to start their own company while another 1% chose jobs out of field. Remaining percentage includes those who did not report or are not employed.

The data above is for graduates at 180 days. Three forms of verification were used: offer letter, student attestation, or LinkedIn.

Joann Anderson

Director of Engineering at Slack

"Our Hackbright alumnae exemplify the Slack values of craftsmanship and thriving. They’ve been able to quickly contribute to projects with practical programming knowledge and a curiosity to learn. We look forward to future Hackbright graduates building successful careers at Slack."


Our curriculum teaches full-stack web application engineering, which allows graduates access to many kinds of engineering jobs. Of 36 self-reporting graduates, the job title breakdown is below.

Software Engineer
Front-End Engineer
Full-Stack Engineer
Software Developer


How do Hackbright’s results compare to computer science grads?

According to the National Association of College and Employers, the mean starting salary for 4-year Bachelor’s Degree Computer Science graduates is $69,124 and 72% receive standard employment full-time.

Source: National Association of College and Employers, First Destination Survey – Class of 2015

Please note that many factors, besides education, contribute to students receiving jobs. Your own results may vary.

Hackbright does not guarantee a job or any particular salary level. Our goal is to provide students a competitive skillset and professional network to get into a job they love. We’re incredibly proud of our outcomes and the graduates who have achieved them.

Employers Love Hackbright

We aspire for Hackbright to signal engineering excellence. Employers recognize the Hackbright curriculum and quality of our graduates.

Our Graduates are Leaders

We started teaching in 2012. Our graduates began as software engineers. And with the Hackbright curriculum including how to learn, our students tend to thrive in the workplace. Numerous graduates have advanced their careers to directors, managers, and other leadership positions in just a few short years. Meet some of the grads who have advanced:

Gowri Grewal

Twilio’s Director of Sales & Solutions Engineering

Carly DaCosta

FaunaDB’s Director of Operations

Louise Fox

SurveyMonkey Tech Lead & Software Engineer

Julie Hollek

Twitter Data Scientist & PyLadies co-organizer

Kyla Farrell

Lanetix Engineering Manager

Sara Gottlieb

SurveyMonkey Engineering Manager

Jasmine Tsai

Clover Health Engineering Manager

Michelle Sun

First Code Academy’s CEO & Founder

California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education

Licensed by State of California

Hackbright Academy is licensed to operate in the State of California by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE). Approval means the institution is in compliance with the minimum operating standards contained in the Private Postsecondary Education Act and the California Code of Regulations.


What is CIRR?

CIRR stands for Council on Integrity in Results Reporting (CIRR). Hackbright joined CIRR as a founding member along with a large group of other coding schools to create a simple, standardized outcomes report of programs, including graduation and employment rates and median salary.

Why did Hackbright Academy join CIRR?

Hackbright Academy joined CIRR because we’ve always been committed to full transparency of our results. This way students can easily compare programs and know that the numbers being promoted by any of the member schools are standardized. Last year, we published a third-party audited report to show our outcomes. Unfortunately, we didn’t see many other schools follow this model. By founding CIRR with Skills Fund, Course Report and other leading coding schools, we hope that a standard way of reporting outcomes becomes the new norm throughout the entire industry.

What’s the biggest change in how outcomes will now be reported?

There are several differences. First, CIRR bases its calculations on graduates from a six-month period, while past Hackbright reports used longer time periods resulting in larger sample sizes. Second, CIRR defines “in-field” jobs using government job definitions and positions that require the skills taught only in the course, while Hackbright used the definition of “in-field” jobs that included a larger variety of technology-related positions excluded by CIRR. Third, CIRR does not include sub-segments such as apprenticeships, internships, and short-term contract work within its definition of “in-field” jobs, while Hackbright would include such job placements. Finally, CIRR assumes for purposes of its calculation that graduates who did not provide job-placement information are not employed, while Hackbright excluded from its calculations graduates who did not respond or confirm.

Why should I care about reporting standardization among coding schools?

Historically there have not been consistent frameworks for comparing student outcome data school by school. Additionally there is a lot of false data out there. If other schools aren’t in CIRR, ask why. It’s all about transparency. CIRR is needed for students, as it makes sure that every program is held to complete transparency. It means you can compare every program that’s a part of CIRR on an apples-to-apples basis. In doing so, you’ll see that Hackbright has a 99 percent graduation rate and one of the highest median salaries for its graduates, pretty amazing given the barriers women have faced when getting into the field!

How do Hackbright’s graduation results stack up to someone coming out of school with a CS degree?

According to the National Association of College and Employers, the mean starting salary for 4-year Bachelor’s Degree Computer Science graduates is $69,124 and 72% receive standard employment full-time.* Despite the barriers women may face, our graduates are not only changing the ratio in tech, but they’re leading the way in closing the gender pay gap earning a median of $88,000 a year – among the highest salary of CIRR reporting partners.