As a Hackbright software engineering fellow, you get matched with a seasoned engineer who is passionate about supporting you throughout your journey into software engineering. The one-of-a-kind network of mentors includes engineers from top companies including:

How it Works’ color

  • Fellows are matched with their mentors during the second week of the fellowship
  • Fellows meet with their mentors on a weekly basis throughout the program and have access to them via email, phone and any other method of choice

Benefits for Fellows

  • Technical Guidance: Your mentor will perform code reviews, help you understand tricky concepts covered in lecture/lab, and provide opportunities for you to enhance your skills.
  • Career Guidance: You will receive career guidance, learn about different roles/industries in technology, and expand your network based on your career interest.
  • Encouragement and Support: A mentor is a role model throughout your new career change providing encouragement, inspiration, perspective and growth opportunities.
  • Expand understanding of how to get things done effectively and efficiently.
  • Augment network of contacts and information channels.

My mentor invited me to her office every Friday for lunch and whiteboarding. She often asked her coworkers to mock-interview me while she was observing…she’s very enthusiastic and supportive.
The best part is that even though my mentor is super smart, he was able to explain things simply, so I could understand him. And he never made me feel dumb!

My mentor is awesome. He is thoughtful, intelligent and laid back. He asks great questions. He is also proactive about scheduling time to meet.

The mentorship program provided an invaluable industry perspective to compliment Hackbright’s educational environment.

What is a mentor?

Hackbright Academy mentors are volunteers who work as developers or in leadership roles at technology companies and who would like to support women and gender-diverse people entering software engineering. Our mentor pool is mixed-gender, and we strive to make sure each fellow gets at least one woman-identified mentor. It is an incredible community dedicated to creating a supportive environment in tech.

How are mentors selected?

We are fortunate that we have enthusiastic volunteers in the community interested in supporting Hackbright – our students, programs and mission. From this pool of volunteers, we choose the mentors who would be the best fit given the needs of our fellows.

How long do I get to stay connected with my mentor?

Students are encouraged to stay connected with their mentors throughout their time in the fellowship. Should you and your mentor agree to stay connected after graduation that is entirely up to you both. One of the benefits of the program is expanding your professional network as you embark on this new adventure so we encourage our students to continue to stay engaged with their mentors, peers, instructors, etc.