The Hackbright Prep Grad Scholarship

Scholarship Criteria Rules

“Prep” for Bootcamp!

The application process for Hackbright’s software engineering bootcamps requires knowing some programming skills and foundations. Not only can our Prep Course help get you ready to apply thanks to its hands-on, structured learning and 1:1 feedback, graduates of Prep can qualify for $1,000 off the cost of a full- or part-time bootcamp.

Eligibility Requirements

Scholarship applications will be reviewed by a member of the Hackbright admissions team. A scholarship will be awarded to any candidate who: 

  1. Graduates from Prep; And
  2. Completes an application (including the personal information and consultation) for a Qualifying Program in 2023 (current Qualifying Programs include Part-Time Software Engineering and Full-Time Software Engineering starting); And
  3. Is admitted into a qualifying Hackbright program; And 
  4. Provides all documentation and information required by Strayer University and the representatives of Hackbright that is necessary for enrollment; And
  5. Provides a seat deposit before the qualifying course begins; And
  6. Arranges appropriate financing before the qualifying course begins (students are encouraged to consider any financing option that works best for them. They may pay up front or work with a third-party lender. Federal loans are not available for Hackbright courses); And 
  7. Completes all requirements while scholarships are still available.


These scholarships may not be combined with other scholarships, offers, or discounts, except where explicitly stated in the terms of other scholarships, offers, or discounts. Scholarships are non-transferable and have no redeemable cash value. One scholarship may be awarded to a student per enrollment in a qualifying course. If a student is allowed by Hackbright staff to transfer their application to another cohort of the same course, or another qualifying course, then the student may retain their scholarship, otherwise a new scholarship application will be required for any new cohort or qualifying course the student may wish to transfer to.  These terms and conditions are subject to change. Current terms and conditions will always be made publicly available at the point of application.

How to qualify for The Hackbright Prep Grad Scholarship

  1. Complete a Prep Course
  2. Submit your application for the Full-Time or Part-Time Software Engineering Program
    • Complete your consultation
    • Complete your technical assessment
  3. Get accepted into a Qualifying Program and meet the eligibility requirements outlined above


Have questions? Email us at or give us a call 415-862-0595.

Good Luck!