Know a dynamic woman ready to make her mark in tech? Refer her to Hackbright. #changetheratio

Know someone interested in becoming a software engineer? Encourage your friend to pursue her passion by referring her to Hackbright Academy’s Software Engineering Programs. She’ll get 5% off of their tuition and we’ll make a donation in your name to a charity that supports women in tech. Why? Because the more we support one another, the stronger we become as engineers and an industry.

How it works

1. If you know someone interested in our program or pursuing a career change, send us her information and your words of encouragement. You can send her a note to give her a heads up.

2. When she starts the application process, we’ll track where your referrals end up. Any time someone you’ve referred submits an application, we’ll make a donation to the charity of your choice. If admitted, she’ll get 5% off of her tuition.

Refer a future engineer: