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We have partnered with Skills Fund to offer you clear-cut and fully upfront payment options. With Skills Fund, expect an informed and empowered decision to finance your Hackbright Academy education. Details include:
  • What can I finance? Students may finance their tuition and add on funds of up to $5000 to pay for living expenses.
  • Do I make payments while enrolled? You don’t have to make any payments while enrolled. Defer all payments or make interest-only payments while enrolled until after the first two months of your job search. When you defer all payments, that means you pay nothing until after you graduate. Interest-only payments mean you will pay the interest down during enrollment to reduce repayment amounts upn completion of the program.
  • How will I know my rate? No interest rate calculation required. Skills Fund offers one, low rate for all approved students. This is 8.99% for the 3-year loan and 10.99% for the 5-year loan.
  • What size loan should I take out? For the Engineering Fellowship program, you are eligible to borrow between $2,000 and $21,570. You may use your loan proceeds for Hackbright’s tuition and to help pay for cost of living while enrolled in the program. Within the loan application, you will find two fields for financing: one for tuition and one for cost of living. Within each field, you are able to input the precise amount you would like to borrow. Students are required to take at least $2,000 in tuition financing in order to receive any cost of living financing.
  • How will I know my monthly repayment? Use the Loan Calculator to see your monthly repayment before starting the loan application.
  • When should I apply? Apply for the loan after your acceptance into a program. Your program cohort must begin within 90 days of the date that you apply for a loan.


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We believe all capable women should be able to embark upon a transformative engineering journey with Hackbright Academy. For this reason, our partnership with Skills Fund levels the financing playing field for all students.
  • As long as you have a score of 650 or better;
  • Haven’t defaulted on a student loan nor filed for bankruptcy;
  • You’ll most likely be approved for your Skills Fund loan.
  • No income, employment, nor educational criteria is used in our approval process.
  • Cosigner options are also available.
Interested in understanding your credit score? Take two minutes to use Credit Karma’s soft credit check today.
With all barriers removed to beginning Hackbright Academy, get financing out of the way as soon as you’re admitted into the program. In the event that your loan application is denied, Skills Fund will send you an email with information on how to successfully reapply.


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