Nicole Zuckerman

Publishing to Software Engineer, Clover Health
This was the biggest leap I've taken in my life, and the one that has paid off with the best rewards.
Nicole Zuckerman
June 2004
Nicole graduates from Skidmore College

skidmore college
She earns her BA in Women’s Studies and English Literature

2004 - 2005
She receives her Masters in English at the University of Liverpool

University of Liverpool

November 2007 to September 2012
Due to her love of books and reading, Nicole gets into the publishing industry

She begins as a proofreader and eventually gets promoted to program director over the course of a few years. The higher up in management she gets, the further she gets from books. She finds herself stressed out and bored, and not too thrilled about her career prospects.

To escape the stress, Nicole pursues her passion for Lindy Hop


She began her foray into the dance in 2004 and has been an avid Lindy Hop dancer ever since.

Both stressed out at dealing with a role she didn't enjoy, she decides to look at making a career change.

“I’m very slow to make change happen; I have to exhaust all possible options in my current situation before I’ll consider change. After YEARS of dissatisfaction in my industry, I finally got tired of saying ‘I couldn’t possibly– you have to have been doing it since you were in footie pajamas…you have to be WICKED smart…you have to have a certain mindset’…and I thought, ‘I’ll give it a try, and then if I turn out to be terrible at it or hate it, I’ll at least have tried’.”

October to December 2012
She attends Hackbright Academy


She attends the program as part of Hackbright Academy’s Fall 2012 class!

“When I learned I had been accepted to Hackbright, I was nervous, incredulous, and excited, all at the same time. I was worried I’d be behind everyone else in the class, but the possibility of a new career doing something FUN was really compelling.”

January 2013
Within one month of graduating, Nicole begins her first full-time position as a software engineer at Eventbrite


More women in tech! She has since worked at exciting startups including Sosh and now Clover Health.

“I went from a career that didn’t fulfill me, that stressed me out, and that had no chance of paying me well, to one where I feel like I’m always learning, problem-solving, and supported with all kinds of great perks!” Check out Nicole talking about her career transition.