Rachelle Dunn

Designer to Software Engineer at Splunk
Hackbright Academy was the best thing I had ever done for myself.
Rachelle Dunn
June 2010
Rachelle graduated from the University of Florida

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She earned her BFA in Painting and Art History

“Coming from a background in fine arts, there aren’t a ton of career routes you can take other than museum or gallery positions if you’re not a working artist.”

June 2013 - May 2015
She falls into graphic design and is hired as a visual designer and, on her second week, was asked to take front-end developer duties!

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“The opportunity to jump into the position was open and I took it, teaching myself everything from CSS, SASS, PHP, and basic JavaScript. Because of how small the studio was, I ended up quickly becoming the lead front-end developer, which was hard when I ran into problems! I had plateaued and started attempting to teach myself more complex programming concepts using online courses, but there came a point where I couldn’t progress without having someone to help troubleshoot or ask questions or do code reviews. Life was full of many dead ends and brick walls and frustrating nights on Lynda.com trying to learn how to overcome these obstacles alone.”

April 2015 - June 2015
Enter Hackbright. Rachelle joins the Spring 2015 Software Engineering Fellowship!

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“I enjoyed programming: the design and logic of it, and the ways I could find creative solutions. I started looking into going back to school for a second Bachelor’s or even an extension program, but the commitment was too great. Enter Hackbright Academy to save the day! Hackbright Academy was the best thing I had ever done for myself.”

June 2015
By the end of the fellowship, she builds Talkalog - inspired by her hopes to preserve her family's oral history.


“Both sets of grandparents emigrated from the Philippines to start new lives here in the US, and I’ve grown up hearing hundreds of stories of the good and bad times and secret family recipes that have never been written down. Talkalog was a way to capture those stories and have a way for those to be easily transcribed and transformed into a book or alternative way to share with the next generation.”

Volunteer and future Hackbright mentor!

“In the last few years I’ve volunteered at a few events for the Headlands Center for the Arts (my husband had an artist fellowship there from 2012-2014), and at the University of Florida I enjoyed working with beautification projects around my college town as part of a painting and drawing organization I founded while there. Next up: I am planning to be a mentor for an upcoming Hackbright cohort!”

July 2015
Rachelle accepts her position as a software engineer at Splunk!

“The best part of working at Splunk is the extremely fun company culture alongside the amazing work ethic and support from the team. For any one question I’ve had, there are at least three people willing to sit and take the time to help me understand. I couldn’t have dreamed of a better place to end up after Hackbright!”