Sara Falkoff

Account Manager to Software Engineer at Keen IO
I reached a point where I felt really frustrated, drained, and stagnant in my career. I wasn't becoming the person I wanted to become, and I knew I needed to make a change.
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April 2011 - July 2014
Sara worked in many fast paced start-ups

“My day-to-day startup life was very fast paced and very connected — I had to be accessible by email and phone at a moment’s notice. I worked pretty long hours and ate most of my meals at work. I was initially drawn to account management because I like building relationships, helping people, and solving problems. I learned a lot about my own interests, strengths and weaknesses through that role.”

Sep 2014 - Mar 2014
She decided she needed a change


“I reached a point where I felt really frustrated, drained, and stagnant in my career. I wasn’t becoming the person I wanted to become, and I knew I needed to make a change.

I wasn’t sure if I’d enjoy writing code, but I knew I wanted to build skills that would give more agency to execute on my ideas. I made a commitment to myself to start learning without fully knowing where it would lead.

After a few months of self-paced learning, I was feeling more activated, energized, and engaged than I’d felt in a long time. That’s when I started researching bootcamps and really imagining myself as an engineer!”

January 2015 - March 2015
Sara joins the Hackbright Software Engineering Fellowship!

“I certainly had my hesitations about joining a bootcamp — it’s a big financial commitment! I did a lot of research online and through informational interviews with bootcamp grads before making the leap. I also did a lot of self-reflection to figure out my needs and goals.

Ultimately, I decided that an immersive, structured learning environment would be the best way for me to pick up the pace in my learning. Hackbright’s outcome stats gave me confidence that I’d emerge from the program with real, employable skills (and I did, thanks HB!).”

Fermenting, sewing and spending time outdoors is what Sara loves most!

“My brother once told me that I would have done well if I was born in the 1800’s. I can only assume that was a loving jab at some of my hobbies: pickling and fermenting, baking, knitting, sewing, writing handwritten letters to friends, and gardening. Staying active and spending time outdoors are also really big parts of my life, and they usually go together.”

Future Hackbright Mentor - ready to pay it forward!

Sara dedicates a lot of her time to volunteer work. Specifically, The SCA, City Slicker Farms, and Bay Area Wilderness Training. Next up: She plans to volunteer as a Hackbright mentor in the very near future.

“It’s made all the difference to have folks routing for me during this transitional period in my life. I hope to reciprocate by paying it forward to future students.”

June 2015
Sara lands a Developer job at Keen IO!

Since being hired at Keen IO, Sara jumped in to help launch KeenIO’s existing tool -Data Explorer, a point-and-click interface for querying and visualizing event data- as an open source project and helped build the interactive landing page to spread the word: The project was featured in TechCrunch and VentureBeat.