Student Projects


by Jessica M.

Technologies Used: Python, Flask, Jinja, SQLAlchemy, PostgreSQL

BikeList is an alternative used bike marketplace that introduces more transparency in the bike buying process so you can rest assured that your purchase will not contribute to the cycle of bike theft. BikeList integrates with BikeIndex, an open-source bike registry, to verify that listed bikes are not stolen and uses Facebook OAuth to tie listings to the seller’s online identity. A smooth user interface and features such as location-based search, bike-specific search filters, detailed bike specs, and info guides further enhance the bike buyer’s experience.

Common Clarity

by Katie S.

Technologies Used: AngularJS, D3, JavaScript, Python, Flask, HTML5, CSS3/Sass, jQuery, BeautifulSoup, SQLAlchemy, and Postgresql

CommonClarity transforms standardized test data into a visual, interactive reporting dashboard for teachers, to help inform and target instruction. Data-driven instruction has grown in popularity with the rise of standardized testing. In many districts around the country, students take standardized tests nearly every other month. These tests generate a huge amount of data, which teachers are expected to utilize to inform instruction; however, they lack the time and the tools to make sense of it. CommonClarity makes it easy for teachers to upload their data and instantly generate a dashboard of reports, showing their students’ strengths and weaknesses according to Common Core State Standards. Data are grouped in useful ways to expose patterns and track progress, so that teachers can better help students improve.


Technologies Used: D3, Chart.js, Jinja2, Javascript, jQuery, Python, NetworkX, Flask, PostgreSQL, SQLAlchemy, bcrypt, faker, pandas, NumPy, scikit-learn, geocoded, Google Maps API

by Anka K.

SwiftSwap overcomes the biggest challenge with bartering and that its hard to find what you want from the person who will barter for the skill you have. SwiftSwap searches the user network to find a closed path between users which means every user gets access to the skill they want without a one to one exchange. It utilizes a NetworkX method of finding elementary circuits based on Johnson’s algorithm called simple_cycles. It locates a closed loop where the beginning and ending of the path is the same user.Users can sign up, enter their wanted and offered skills and find out if there is a closed path in the network that makes their bartering experience swift.

SNAPPy Finder

Technologies Used: Python, PostgreSQL, Google Maps API, Yelp Fusion API, Twilio API

by Jennifer B.

SNAPPy Finder is a web application designed to help users find retailers near them that accept EBT/SNAP (public assistance) forms of payment. Users can perform the following: query the database for retailers near them using automatic geolocation, query the database for retailers near a specified address, view Yelp information for retailers in the search results and send search results to their mobile phone and/or email.


Technologies Used: Javascript, Python, Flask, SQLAlchemy, jQuery, Jinja2, Bootstrap, Chart.JS, Faceboook Graph API

by Julie N.

Does your family or friend group like to turn everything into a competition? If so, BabyPool is for you! BabyPool is a web app that expectant parents can use to create betting pools for the time of the birth of their child. The betting pool that users can share with their friends. A BabyPool is a calendar-like collection of timeblocks that spans week 37 to week 41 of the pregnancy.

Destination Unknown

Technologies Used:, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, Jinja2, D3.js, HTML5, CSS3,  Python, Flask, SQLAlchemy, PostgreSQL, Uber, Yelp, Mapbox, Twilio

by Shijie F.

Destination Unknown is a mischievous roulette mystery trip generator that can sweep you away on a spontaneous adventure. Users can log in with their Uber accounts, compose a story for their ideal escape, and see a top-rated mystery destination unfold on a story-book map. The destination contains just enough information to pique one’s interest but not spoil the surprise. Users can request a ride from Uber directly via Destination Unknown, complete with text message confirmation. Destination Unknown also provides users with insights into their own “Inside Out”: curiosity stats, mood triggers, and celebrity alter-egos.


Technologies Used: Python, Flask, Javascript, JQuery, PostGreSQL, SQLAlchemy, Mustache.js, Jinja2, Yelp API, Google Maps API, HighCharts, Bootstrap

by Aisling D.

Haven is a user-driven platform for members of the LGBT community to rate businesses for their inclusivity and discover inclusive businesses near them. In its current form, Haven is set up as a proof of concept with a fake database of user ratings. Features Flow, Features, Stack, Disclaimer and Deployment phases.