Learn to Code with Target and Hackbright

Target Is Sponsoring a Skills-Based Software Engineering Course in the Twin Cities

Learn to Code in 12 Weeks, Tuition-Free

Hackbright Academy is partnering with Target to waive tuition for up to 15 people who apply and are selected for a special remote Full-Time Software Engineering course with a focus on improving skills for a career in tech.

Although the class will be held remotely, applicants must be living in or near the Twin Cities or be willing to relocate. After completion of the course, if offered a position with Target, the position will be on-site hybrid. Team members are eligible upon hire to apply and be considered for a remote work agreement.

(U.S. citizens and permanent residents only. Applicants from other countries, including Canada, will NOT be considered. Hackbright is open to all people regardless of sex.)

  • Coding School for Gender Equality
  • Learn Python in 12 Weeks
  • Tuition Covered by Target
  • Target Plans to Interview Grads
  • Full-Time, Remote Learning
  • A Community of Support


$12,900  $0

Apply by Aug. 31

1,000+ grads have done it. Learn how you can, too!

Hackbright Pops Up in the Twin Cities

Hackbright Academy is proud to be working with Target to #ChangeTheRatio in the Twin Cities area. We know that diversity improves the workforce. To that end, we’re sponsoring a course to promote skills-based training for a software engineering career, while working to increase gender diversity in tech and help people with underrepresented backgrounds become software engineers.

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Course starts Sept. 26, 2022

Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. CT

Minneapolis, MN

Remote Instruction

Is This Course for You?

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See a breakdown of the course and get answers to additional questions about the program, curriculum, and application process.

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The top students from this special sponsored course will be interviewed by Target for software engineering and related positions.

A Community Is Waiting for You

Hackbright Academy is proud to be the leading engineering school for gender equality, with 1,000+ graduates working at tech companies that include Google, Eventbrite, and Airbnb. We were founded with the mission to #ChangeTheRatio in tech and provide women, people who are gender diverse, and their allies with personalized paths to success. Join our mission and transform your career.

In-Demand Skills

Python is one of the most in-demand languages in the industry. Companies that use Python include Target, Google, Yelp, and Dropbox, to name a few.


Hackbright’s fiercely collaborative community of mentors, 1,000+ alumni, instructors, and staff value your uniqueness and individuality.


If you’re in the Twin Cities area or willing to relocate, you could get tuition waived thanks to Target.

“Becoming a software engineer opened up a whole new world.”

Lavania (Previous Job: Restaurant Manager)

5 Steps to Apply and Enroll


Start Your Application

Apply via the online application form. (Apply by Aug 31 to waive the application fee.) Applicants must be able to work in the Twin Cities’ area.


Schedule Your Consultation

This step is with an admissions counselor where we get to know you better, including your background and overall goals. Most importantly, we answer your questions!


Prepare for the Technical Interview

Prior to the technical interview, applicants should have a rudimentary understanding of the following concepts:

  • Control flow and looping
  • How to create and manipulate basic datatypes (integers, strings, booleans, etc.)
  • How to create and manipulate lists/arrays to store basic datatypes
  • How to create and call functions
  • Algorithmic problem-solving
  • Conditional logic

Learn how to prepare for the technical interview.


Complete Your Technical Interview

This step is an assessment to help us understand your experience and aptitude with basic coding concepts.


Wait for Your Results

We’ll conduct a final review of your application. If you’re cleared for admission, we’ll reach out with the final steps to enroll!

Are you ready to learn to code at no cost?

Early Admissions Deadline – Apply by Aug. 31