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Hackbright Academy is the leading software engineering school for women founded in San Francisco in 2012. The academy graduates more female engineers than Stanford and UC Berkeley each year.

Welcoming Community

Learn to code with caring instructors, fun classmates, and supportive companies dedicated to encouraging more women to work in tech.

Powerful Network

Become part of a league of ladies disrupting the tech industry. Our growing alumnae network is dedicated to supporting one another.


Our team is comprised of passionate industry experts. Our mentors include engineers from Twitter, Google, Hipmunk, and other startups.

Based on where I have seen recent grads, I suspect we'll all look back and marvel at the impact at Hackbright has had in 5-10 years.

Kevin Whinnery Developer Education Manager at Twilio

Hackbright Academy is an exemplary model for promoting women in technology and leadership. Hackbright brings to life the belief that when women succeed, America succeeds!

Nancy Pelosi Democratic House Leader

I'd encourage any company to get involved with organizations like Hackbright and see what they can do to help include communities that are not well-represented in technology.

Peter van Hardenberg GM and Founding Developer, Heroku Postgres

Two of the best engineers I have worked with in my 30+ career in engineering are Hackbright graduates.

Richard Lavoie Senior Director of Engineering, Splunk

That mentorship and camaraderie is going to help that woman stay in the technology industry longer. You're creating a bond where anything is possible.

Natalie Villalobos Women in Technology Advocate at Google

What's so great about Hackbright is you take raw talent and you give them skills so they can thrive in a completely different arena but still be the amazing people that they always were.

Danae Ringelmann Founder and Chief Development Officer, Indiegogo

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Attending Hackbright Academy changed my life. I learned more at Hackbright than I ever could have in ten weeks on my own. The community of students, alumnae, mentors, supporters, and partner companies is incredibly strong. I have met some of the smartest, kindest, most passionate people at Hackbright. Everyone wants to see you succeed and will try their best to help.
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The thing that elevates Hackbright is its Career Day and job placement. Nowhere else will you have the opportunity to network and interview with 20+ companies in a single day, showing off a project that you built all on your own in just a few weeks. This is a HUGE foot in the door. For me, it meant multiple interview opportunities, followed by multiple job offers. It works.
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