Allies Take Action. Let’s Work Together to Change the Ratio.

Over the last decade, we’ve partnered with people from organizations—from some of the largest Fortune 100 companies to tiny start-ups—who are also deeply committed to improving diversity and inclusion in the tech world. 


If your company is passionate about equality and has a tech team, there is a way for us to work together. 


  • Sponsor a Cohort

  • Sign a Placement Agreement

  • Attend Hiring Events 

  • Participate in Demo Nights

  • Set Up a Whiteboarding Session

  • Provide Mentors

  • Sponsor a Scholarship

  • Host Events

  • Arrange a Custom Solution


If you want to partner with us in any way, please fill out the contact form and we’ll get in touch with you soon. 


Change the Ratio ONE LIFE AT A TIME

Donating scholarship dollars enables an aspiring student to cover costs that may prevent them from attending Hackbright. Scholarship funds go directly to the student and can be awarded in your company or organization’s name, based on socio-economic factors or technical merit.

Scholarship partners



Sponsoring a cohort (fifteen or more students) is a great way to create a group of diverse engineers—not to mention future employees. You can change the world, change your org, and pay per-head talent fees that are often less than traditional headhunting or recruiting services.


Solve Staffing Problems & Improve Diversity

The staff in our student outcomes office knows the recruiting world because many of them were former recruiters themselves. For large-scale staffing solutions, we recommend sponsoring a cohort, but if you’re just looking for a modest, steady stream of new talent, this is the option for you. Let us send some candidates your way.

“In the years I’ve been involved with Hackbright Academy as a mentor, I’ve seen Hackbright pave the path for hundreds of women to launch their careers in technology. Hackbright’s mission is one that Reddit stands behind and has long supported through mentorship, which is why it’s a natural next step for us to now expand our collaboration with Hackbright. With the Code Reddit scholarship fund, we hope to help Hackbright empower even more women looking to begin new careers in tech.”

Event Partners

“The PagerDuty team was so impressed with the Hackbright women and their demos. We make diversity hiring a priority, and demo night is unparalleled in its ability to showcase extremely talented women engineers to the hiring managers at top tech companies. We look forward to partnering with Hackbright in diversifying the technology landscape.”