Coding Scholarships

The tech world’s status as a ‘no girls allowed’ clubhouse is on the way out. From web development to data science (and everything in between), women and non-binary people are getting into tech in a big way. But there’s still a long way to go. And if we’re ever going to see gender equality in the digital age, we need more gender diverse software engineers — and lots of them.

That’s where Hackbright Academy scholarships come in.

Hackbright Academy is shaping the tech world, and scholarships help ensure everyone is included in the movement. Companies that are passionate about our mission to promote gender equality and diversity in the field provide these opportunities.

So don’t let financial concerns stand in the way of your destiny! If you’re interested in taking your rightful place as a queen of tech, you could be eligible for a coding bootcamp scholarship. Available coding scholarships are listed below. Please refer to individual program application deadlines for specific scholarship dates.

Tuition for the Full-Time and Part-Time Software Engineering Programs is $12,900. Students who’ve completed Hackbright Prep or Online Python 101 are eligible for up to a $1,500 discount off of their Software Engineering program tuition. Discount is based on the price paid for Prep or Online Python 101 bootcamps (cannot be combined with any other promotional discounts or scholarships).

Hackbright Changemaker Scholarship

Hackbright Academy immersive coding bootcamp will award two half-price scholarships quarterly to changemakers who demonstrate a strong technical ability and dedication to pursuing a software engineering career.


Scholarship applicants will be evaluated based on the information provided by applicants in the scholarship application form.

How To Apply

To apply for coding bootcamp scholarships, students must be accepted into the program and have submitted a deposit. Upon enrollment, students complete a brief application form and provide supporting documentation on their finances. At which time, candidates will be contacted by the Admissions team regarding final selection. If you have any questions, feel free to email the Admissions team at admissions@hackbrightacademy.com.

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