Make a difference in your industry

Hackbright is proudly the leading software engineering school for gender equality in the Bay Area. Join our mentor community of experienced engineers from top tech companies and share in Hackbright mission to #changetheratio in tech.


Make a direct impact

Within just 3 months of our program, you’ll be helping to diversify the tech industry by providing mentorship to someone as they strive to become a software engineer.

Develop your technical and management skills

You’ll develop your leadership, technical, interpersonal, and communication skills – which can help facilitate your own professional growth and development within your organization.

Expand your network

You’ll join our mentorship community of volunteer engineers from across the Bay Area, which has included employees at Google, Reddit, PagerDuty, Dropbox, Eventbrite, and more.


As a mentor, you’ll go through an onboarding process prior to meeting your mentee.

Our mentorship program kicks off with a Mentor/Mentee Mixer where you’ll meet your mentee for the first time, along with other mentors.

During your mentorship, you’ll receive bi-weekly email updates from Hackbright staff.


Currently or formerly in an engineering role

Ability to dedicate at least 1 hr/week to mentoring your student (in-person or remote)

Be supportive, positive and encouraging throughout your mentorship duration

"I think Hackbright is doing what the software industry needs to rectify the extreme imbalance in gender diversity. I hope to be a sounding board and provide necessary insight to intelligent women who are changing the way we think about software."
Jono Warren
Software Engineer at Reddit, Hackbright Mentor
My mentors were the highlight of my Hackbright experience. I learned so much from them during the program that I was inspired to become a mentor after graduating."
Megan H
Software Engineer at ZeroCater, Hackbright Academy Alumna & Mentor


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