We Teach Full Stack Development

Hackbright has graduated 1,000+ women, gender-diverse, and ally engineers who have entered the workforce at 100+ tech companies. (Pretty great, right?)

We not only celebrate gender diversity, but our students come from different backgrounds, socioeconomic classes, and ethnicities. They bring fresh eyes and invaluable perspectives to their teams.

We love our graduates, and we think they compare very favorably to fresh software engineers from anywhere. Talk to the companies that hire our grads, and they will tell you the same.

Hackbright grads account for 7% of our current engineering team, so a big portion of what we produce as a team is directly attributable to those grads.

Pat Poels
VP of Engineering at Eventbrite
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We have had the best experiences hiring Hackbright Grads. Our hires have ranged in abilities and now can be counted on as leaders among our engineering organization. We depend heavily on their expertise as they bring a diverse background to the team.
Adam Steinharter
Senior Recruiter at SurveyMonkey
Over the years that I’ve been a mentor, I’ve seen hundreds of women launch their careers through Hackbright—and it’s been especially rewarding to recruit some of these alumnae to join Reddit’s engineering team.
Steve Huffman
CEO at Reddit
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