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Cal Alumni Association x Hackbright Academy Present: Transition to a Career in Tech @ Pinterest HQ!

Hackbright and Cal Alumni Association joined forces to shine a light on how women can successfully and efficiently pivot careers in technology. This panel spotlights women who have transitioned into the tech industry and offers interested Cal alumnae an opportunity to grow their networks while learning more about careers in software engineering.

Hackbright Academy Software Engineers Debunk Stereotypes in Tech

Hackbright Academy alumnae who have gone through our 12-week software engineering program are dynamic and all-around bold women that have taken the leap to join, and enjoy, the technology world. Their stories are proof that there is no “type” of person that can be a software engineer! Try coding. If you like it, become a software engineer with us and get paid for loving what you do.

10 Women Talk About Becoming a Engineer at Hackbright Academy!

Learn to code with us! Hackbright Academy, the leading engineering school for women, has graduated over 600 women now working at 100+ tech companies across the country and changing the gender ratio in the industry.

Hackbright Academy – Become a Software Engineer!

Apply today to become an engineering student at Hackbright Academy, the all-women accelerated engineering school!