Hackbright Academy is the leading engineering school for women with a mission to increase female representation in tech through education, mentorship and community. Over the last 25 years, women have gone missing from the computer science workforce in significant numbers. While the representation of women in fields like medicine, law and physical sciences has improved, hundreds of thousands of women have fallen from the ranks of computer scientists. Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 2.43.46 PM To close the gender gap in engineering and technology, we have reimagined and improved engineering education through a customized model that has proven to bring women back into the field. With the increasing influence of technology on everyday lives, it is our goal to include women as technology creators through three main avenues: education, mentorship and community.


Software Engineering Fellowship
We offer a 12-week accelerated software engineering fellowship where women can learn the fundamentals of computer science and modern web development, and ultimately become software engineers. We have alumnae working and diversifying teams at companies such as Facebook, Uber, Lyft, SurveyMonkey, Eventbrite, New Relic, and much more.
Part-time Night Courses
Our part-time courses give women proficient coding skills to level up on the job, creating new opportunities when combining programming with other skills. The goal of the night courses is to increase the number of women learning to code by offering training at a more flexible schedule.
Mentorship has proven to be an effective method to motivate and retain women in the field.  Our engineering fellows are matched with software engineers at leading tech companies such as Google, Twitter and Yahoo! in order to help them gain the confidence and guidance they need. In addition, Hackbright Alumnae are encouraged to pay it forward and mentor others going through the fellowship and career transition into software engineering.

I now have this network of professional women who are already established in their careers that I can reach out to ask questions, ask for advice, or mentorship.
Meghan Hade Summer 2014 Alumna and Software Engineer at Mapzen


Alumnae Network
Because Hackbright alumnae share a mission to increase the representation of women in technology, our network is a source of support. The alumnae network is a group of smart, inspiring women dedicated to supporting one another and changing the ratio. This network will be instrumental in supporting each other from doing everything from instating a fair maternity policy at work to offering advice when you need someone to talk to. Hackbright alumnae are represented in over 100 companies, and that number increases each year.
Tech Talks
Every month, we host technology talks to help women constantly improve their programming skills. The events cover topics ranging from APIs to new frameworks.
Hackbright Blog
Our blog is frequently populated by entries written by female engineers who offer advice, tips and support on how to be successful. See a recent roundup of top advice from female software engineers.

Some of the most amazing people I know were in my class at Hackbright and they are my favorite people in the world. They are really incredible people.
Ava St. John Fall 2013 Alumna Software Engineer at SurveyMonkey

Our Team

Hackbright staff Hackbright Academy is staffed by a team dedicated to closing the gender gap in software engineering and high quality education. Meet the Hackbright team!

Hiring Partners

Hackbright Academy is supported by companies who believe in Hackbright’s mission to achieve gender equality and diversity in software engineering. Become a hiring partner and recruit from Hackbright Academy!

Our software engineers have been hired at companies including:

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Hackbright’s a wonderful place where you are with a group of people that coming out after 10 weeks are going to spread in many different companies. You now are going to have a wealth of contacts in the best companies in the valley.
Cheryl Ainoa Intuit, SVP Product Development