Hackbright is hiring for a Fellowship Instructor!

If you want to change the gender ratio in technology, love teaching, and have a background in software engineering, consider applying to be an instructor at Hackbright Academy, the leading engineering school for women in downtown SF.

As an instructor, you will prepare and lead lectures, assist students in labs and with their independent projects, advise students 1-on-1, coordinate with the rest of the education team, and help maintain an inclusive and supportive environment.

This is a full-time instructor position for Hackbright’s software engineering fellowship, where we teach a curriculum of Python, JavaScript, SQL, HTML5, CSS, SQLAlchemy, Flask, jQuery, and computer science theory to adult women changing careers.  Candidates must have previous teaching experience and know at least half of our tech stack very well.


Fellowship Instructors play a key role in the delivery of education at Hackbright Academy. They plan and deliver the lectures, act as an advisor to individual students, and provide a key role in supporting students during exercise/project time. In addition, as a team, Instructors provide support services for the education department: including managing the computer lab, managing the A/V services for education, managing social experiences for the Fellowship.

Fellowship Instructors report to the VP of Fellowship Education.


  • Instructors plan and deliver lectures throughout the Fellowship.
  • Instructors maintain competency in at least one area of the Fellowship at an advanced-expert level, and will deliver lectures and plan exercises around topics related to that area.
    Lectures should run for approximately 90 minutes and should include written material for students to study/reference after the lecture.

Lab Exercises

Instructors are the primary authors of course exercises. In addition, instructors work in the lab, supporting TAs and students with exercises.

  • Instructors will create and maintain exercises for the fellowship, including solutions and any rubrics of what to look for from students’ work on the exercises.
  • Maintain skills in Hackbright’s entire technology stack (Python, JavaScript, SQL, HTML5, CSS, SQLAlchemy, Flask, jQuery) at an intermediate level.

Student Advising

Instructors serve as advisors to individual students attending the program.

    • Meet with their advisees at least weekly to discuss class participation and offer support.
    • Discuss project ideas with their advisees and approve advisee projects.
    • Report to the rest of the education staff on the progress of their advisees.
    • Work with the VP of Fellowship Education to support advisees who are facing challenges in class or need extra support.

Team Role

Each semester, instructors will work with the team to claim specialized support roles for the Fellowship. These include things like: maintaining the computer lab, managing the student feedback system, maintaining the A/V systems, coordinating student social events, and other tasks.

  • Instructors are responsible for satisfactory completion of their team role.

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