Full-stack Development at Hackbright Academy

Learn Full-Stack Development at a Hackbright Academy Coding Bootcamp

Our curriculum centers around one of the most popular programming languages: Python. Once you have a foundation in this universally useful language, learning other back-end languages and tech stacks is incrementally easier.

In addition to Python, we teach various complementary coding modules to ensure all Hackbright students graduate having learned a full-stack for development and can successfully enter the tech ecosystem at tech giants or startups alike.



Back-End Language

Why we teach it:

A universal coding language, Hackbright’s curriculum focuses on Python. Once mastered, additional languages can be easily learned on a foundation in Python.

Related Code:

PHP, Java, C, Go, Ruby, Node.js



Front-End Language

Why we teach it:

JavaScript is the only front-end programming language. At Hackbright we teach JavaScript ES6—the modern standard. We also teach HTML and CSS, markup languages that complement JavaScript.

Related Code:




Web Framework

Why we teach it:

Flask is the web framework that integrates with Python. We ensure students can become full-stack developers by learning all facets of development.

Related Code:

Spark, Revel, Rails, Django, Express.js



Dynamic Templating Language

Why we teach it:

Jinja is one of the most popular and powerful template engines. It complements the Python programming language.

Related Code:

ERB, Dust, Pug, Handlebars



Database Language

Why we teach it:

PostgreSQL is an open-source and free-to-use relational database language. Once students have an understanding of PostgreSQL, learning other databases is straightforward.

Related Code:

MongoDB, CouchDB, MySQL, SQLite3, Oracle, MicrosoftSQL

We teach a full-stack, which means front-end, back-end, and database programming, helping ensure you’ll be able to understand the software development process from start to finish. With a full-stack background, Hackbright Academy graduates are prepared with the tools to pursue career goals.